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Safety Through Preventive Detection

Thermal Imaging Solutions

Thermal Imaging Solutions

Safety Through Preventive Detection

Thermal Imaging Solutions

GA Software Technologies offers state-of-the-art thermal imaging solutions for governments and private organizations to help in screening for people with fever and take necessary action.

Our solutions can scan large crowds of people and zero-in on a single person with abnormal body temperature and alert the authorities immediately.

Our Thermal Imaging Systems are Applicable in the Following Industries


The Education industry consists of schools, colleges, and universities.

It is a gathering place for hundreds of students and staff, with close proximity and shared amenities on campus.

A single person infected with a contagious virus can spread it to hundreds of people, who can, in turn, spread it to thousands.

GA Software Technologies’ thermal cameras installed at strategic locations can screen each person and raise an alert if there is a single individual with higher body temperature.

It is a brilliant opportunity for educational institutions to contribute to public health and safety, especially during viral outbreaks, and help the government in combating epidemics.

Government Departments

Government departments like municipal offices, civic administrations, police stations, courtrooms, ration shops, etc. see hundreds of people come and go on a daily basis for various purposes.

Due to their very nature of operations, government offices can become hotbeds of viral transmissions on a large scale, escalating an outbreak to an epidemic in a few days.

GA Software Technologies’ thermal imaging systems placed at entrances & exits can screen several people simultaneously for individuals with higher body temperature and notify admins immediately, to facilitate a quick response and containment of outbreaks.

Our technology ensures the continuity of government services which are vital for a nation’s functioning.

Areas of Public Entertainment

Malls, pubs, theaters, sports stadiums, concert grounds are places that draw hundreds, even thousands of visitors on a regular basis. A single person infected with a contagious virus in such locations risks transmitting it to innumerable people, causing a major public health hazard.

GA Software Technologies’ thermal imaging solutions can screen large crowds of people remotely and identify even one person exhibiting fever. A single person with unusually high body temperature will trigger an alarm, enabling administrators to mount an appropriate response.

This will ensure that isolated cases of viral outbreaks don’t spread through public places and lead to an epidemic.GA Software Technologies’ systems provide the perfect opportunity for management authorities of popular hangouts to assist in public safety.measures.

Tech parks & Co-Working spaces

Large tech parks and other co-working spaces have become synonymous with the IT industry. They are a testament to rising levels of employment and booming infrastructure. However, with hundreds of employees sharing working spaces, a single instance of viral infection can rapidly escalate into an epidemic through mass-transmission.

GA Software Technologies’ thermal imaging solutions placed at strategic areas in tech parks can remotely screen all employees & visitors to check for higher body temperature and raise an alarm even if there is a single anomaly. 

Our solution is a highly useful tool for corporations to assist in containing an epidemic and prevent a health hazard, thereby ensuring business continuity. Moreover, our systems can align perfectly with a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework and aid in public well-being.


The military consists of thousands of brave men & women serving the nation. While the military is a symbol of strength and purpose, it is vulnerable to invisible, microbial enemies.

A single soldier suffering from a contagious disease during an epidemic could undermine the military and render the nation vulnerable to external threats.

GA Software Technologies’ thermal imaging solutions have the ability to scan entire crowds to locate a single person with higher body temperature and raise an alarm. Placed on military installations, our systems can scan all service personnel for fever-like symptoms and enable the authorities to take suitable action.

Our solutions are deployable on Naval vessels and all military bases as a line of defense for the soldiers.

Transportation Hubs

Transportation infrastructure like airports, railway stations, and bus terminals are vital for a nation’s economy. However, during an epidemic, such places provide an easy means for the spread of viruses and endanger the population en masse. 

GA Software Technologies’ thermal imaging systems are capable of screening large groups of people to locate a single person with higher body temperature. Our solutions enable the authorities to single-out people exhibiting fever-like symptoms and mount a suitable response.

Placed at strategic locations in & around transit hubs, our solutions can prevent a viral outbreak from becoming an epidemic through swift and accurate detection.


High Accuracy

Our solution can remotely detect temperatures in a crowd within an accuracy of 0.3° C simultaneously.

High Efficiency

Non-contact temperature detection over long distances, Quick screening, wide-coverage, and multi-person detection

Low Cost

Automatic early warning mechanism, reduce manpower requirement, low risk of cross-infection

Strong Adaptability

Implementable at entrances & exits in airports, railway stations, and other public places

Back Dating

Storage and Analysis of previous data about individuals with abnormal body temperature

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