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Healthcare Solutions

Solutions for Empowering Patients & Medical Practitioners


Current Landscape of Pharma and Healthcare Industries

The pharma and healthcare industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate on a global scale. The majority of the growth is taking place in emerging and low-income countries, and developed countries due to the expansion of services. Analysts suggest that the size of the healthcare industry in India shall touch USD 280 billion by 2020. The boom in this industry has mainly resulted from an increase in consumer spending, continuous urbanization, and the rise in healthcare insurance.

“The Indian pharmaceutical industry size is expected to grow to
US $100 billion by 2025.”

Knowledge Management Solutions for Patients

Our Knowledge Management Solutions for patients are targeted at empowering them with evidence and data-driven treatment options. Our patient modules are designed to promote self-management of ailments and provide a personalized medical update based on their medical history and ongoing medical treatments. Our integrated solutions for knowledge management for patients adopt an all-round approach.


Empower patients for the self-management of diseases


Support decision-making by suitable routing to patients & doctors


Common platform for knowledge sharing with multiple users


Integrate the systems and devices across the entire chain


Create a cumulative knowledge channel of global resources


Develop a community of user groups for timely collaboration

Our Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Knowledge Management Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Knowledge Management

regularity-and-Compliance Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Regulatory Solutions

sales-force-empowerment Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Sales Force Empowerment

promoting-innovation Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Promoting Innovation

Knowledge Management Solutions for CME

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is vital for all healthcare professionals in order to increase the efficiency of their practice, educate high-risk patients on emergency preparedness and health monitoring and to facilitate the curbing of healthcare and re-hospitalization expenditures. GA Soft Tech’s Knowledge Management Solutions enable healthcare professionals to have curated information on their handheld devices for any time, anywhere access to industry updates, conferences and seminars, podcasts, case studies, research publications and much more.

Salesforce Empowerment

Empowering the pharmaceutical sales force is key to boosting their growth and scalability in the fiercely competitive industry. We, at GA Soft Tech, provide bespoke, flexible and comprehensive solutions for sales training in order to enhance their performance. We have an extensive training curriculum that covers key topics and incorporates practical guidance and practice sessions in order to disseminate a holistic training experience and create global preparedness.

Regulatory and Compliance Solutions

The pharma and healthcare industries are growing at an unprecedented rate. Thus, it is imperative for this industry to ensure that all compliance protocols are diligently followed. Our solutions provide the necessary training interventions to medical organizations on medical compliances and regulatory practices. We do so by leveraging subject matter experts who help in curating solutions based on actual cases, world-class practices and real-world cases.

Promoting Innovation

Our IoT solutions are curated to reduce and optimize healthcare cost, increase the availability of information for both physicians/patients, facilitate social collaboration for patient education, and collate data from connected devices for decision support in order to empower physicians for treatment outcome.

mobile-app Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Mobile App

  • Regional Data
  • Gap Analysis
  • Custom Reports
  • Profiling of Users
  • Insights on User Adoption
social-collaboration Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Social Collaboration

  • User Community
  • Discussion Forum
  • Gamification
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media Integration
Smart-device Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Smart Device

  • Patient Education
  • Risk Alerts
  • Emergency Services
  • Location Services
  • Monitoring Medication
data-driven-approach Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Data-Driven Approach

  • Geographic User Reach
  • Forecast Services
  • Medication Usage
  • User Preferences
  • Location Specific challenges
web portal Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Web Portal

  • Awareness
  • Comorbidity Risks
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • Treatment Adherence
  • Custom Learning

The Future of Innovation - IoT Medical Solutions

“58% of prescription drug users resort to using a mobile health application for refilling their prescriptions.”

Consumers all across the globe are showing increasing interest in the use of robotics and drones for medication assistance, delivery of laboratory samples, etc. Our solutions for medical organizations leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to empower patients and physicians, reduce and optimize healthcare expenses, and facilitate greater social collaboration among doctors and patients.

The use of IoT in the healthcare industry greatly improves the quality of service and is especially beneficial to the elderly, patients with chronic ailments and those requiring continuous supervision.

Electronic Health Record – EHR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) helps automate and streamline the hospital workflow by providing a common platform for the sharing of records through network-connected systems across multiple verticals in a medical organization.

Our flexible and scalable EHR solutions incorporate a comprehensive practice management system to organize and consolidate patient information and facilitate flexible billing, scheduling, and task management. We offer a host of customizable charting templates so that a doctor can instantly e-prescribe, send pathology or imaging orders and seamlessly share results right from the patient’s electronic health record.

Pharma & Healthcare

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