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Engineering Content

Creating Better Job Readiness


Bridging the Gaps between Engineering Education & Employment

In India, engineering has been one of the most sought-after careers from times immemorial. According to the HRD ministry, India has about 6,214 engineering institutes with around 2.9 million students. However, only a handful of engineering graduates possess suitable skills to be employed or to handle core engineering tasks.

“Each year, close to 1.5 million engineers enter the job market.”

It is ironic that the field of engineering which is centered on innovations has little innovative solutions applied in its education methodology. Engineering content imparted to students should be more pragmatic as employees these days increasingly look forward to having practical and innovative thinkers on board.

Features of GA Soft Tech’s Solution

GA Soft Tech possesses an extensive portfolio of learning solutions to boost learning, increase collaboration and foster creativity and innovation. Our solutions leverage technology to transform the way higher education is imparted by using innovative methods, interactive courses, and skill-development training.

Job-oriented Syllabus

Job-oriented Syllabus

The job-oriented approach of our content solutions helps create a greater job preparedness in engineering students. The content is up-to-date in order to foster innovations and inculcate practical thinking in engineering professionals.

Skilled Teachers

A blended learning approach is used to provide the best combination of classroom training and e-learning. Backed by Subject Matter Experts and industry professionals, we help disseminate engineering content in engaging and innovative ways.

Skilled Teachers
Greater Student Engagement

Greater Student Engagement

We offer Engineering Content solutions that help create a participative atmosphere where students feel comfortable to voice their queries/doubts. This promotes better learning application and retention and elicits greater interest and engagement.

Hands-on Training

Our virtual simulation and interactive e-modules equip students with hands-on training to boost knowledge application in real-life scenarios and problems. This helps in the development of job-readiness, skill, and dexterity in engineering students.

Hands-on Training
Soft Skills & Communications Training

Soft Skills & Communications Training

Our engineering content solutions also focus on inculcating language and presentation skills in engineering students. Good communication and soft skills enable students to effectively market themselves to prospective recruiters.

Our Solutions for Creating Job-Ready Engineers

Our Engineering Content solutions are designed to equip students with the right learning, knowledge, and skills that can be employed in real life situations in the future.


Interactive e-Books

Interactive e-Books work effectively for the current tech-savvy generation of learners because they are easy to access from any electronic device. The e-books contain rich and engaging engineering content embedded with interactive elements such as videos, 3D models, annotated illustrations, graphics, and presentations.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Our new-age Learning Management System (LMS) enriches the learning experience through advanced technological learning tools, a comprehensive knowledge repository, and instructive content. The LMS’s practical and self-learning approach aims to ready a learner for the challenges of the current dynamic work environment.


Key Differentiators of Our Solutions

  • Easy learning nuggets accessible via mobile
  • Offers a blended learning approach
  • Supports diverse student needs and learning styles
  • Improves student engagement
  • Offers a personalized learning approach
  • Rich multimedia content to boost engagement

Engineering Content

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