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Psychometric Testing

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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric evaluations are increasingly being adopted by enterprises as a part of their recruitment and screening processes. Such psychometric tests offer an impartial platform to analyze the candidate’s verbal, mathematical, logical reasoning, and other analytical and soft skills. Employers are using such psychometric tests to analyze the personality traits of prospective and existing employees in order to assess their behavior during times of high work pressure, stress and challenges.

Key Benefits of Psychometric Tests for an Organization

“Psychometric Testing is a mandatory part of the recruitment process in 80% of Fortune 500 companies and 75% of The Times Best Companies to Work For.”

  • Helps measure skills/abilities apart from educational proficiencies
  • Helps in protecting and developing the workplace culture
  • Relieves sole dependency on interviews for assessing a candidate
  • Promotes consistency in the recruitment process
  • Helps adequately filter candidates, saving time and money
  • Flexibility of being used at any stage of the recruitment process

Psychometric Testing in Educational Institutions

Psychometric tests are being regarded as an important tool by parents, teachers and school/college administrators for the comprehensive and cognitive assessment of students. Such tests offer multiple benefits to educational institutions as stated below.

  • Detection of undiagnosed psychological, behavioral and emotional difficulties at an early stage
  • Enables quick response to tackle and improve any aberrations in a child’s behavior
  • Enables precise identification of strengths and weaknesses to promote adaptive learning

GA Soft Tech’s Psychometric Testing Solutions

We help in creating custom psychometric tools and resources that help educators, coaches and managers gauge
learning and diagnose challenges in the learning process.

Industry Compliant

Our calibrated content, tools, and resources enable the accurate analysis of one's strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Analytical Data

Covers diverse areas of evaluation, and offers insightful reporting facilitates, advanced data analysis and interpretation for enhancing learning and engagement.

Summative Assessment Tools

Enables educators to scientifically assess an individual's achievements, and design individualized learning paths to meet the learning goals of each learner.

What Makes Us Different?

Integrated Testing

Psychometric assessments are embedded in learning programs to seamlessly evaluate an individual's performance.

Individualized Assessment

Gauge the learning effectiveness through personalized assessments that facilitate detailed progress monitoring.

Dynamic Calibration

Iterative review and assessment capability enables trainers to devise tests to maintain grade-level appropriateness.

Measure Growth

Reliable and standardized testing modules help monitor, plan and individualize instructions.

Specialized Content

All test content and resources are created by Subject Matter Experts with relevant classroom experience.

Advanced Data Analysis

Generates actionable data that facilitates in-depth interpretation of an individual's learning and achievements.

Psychometric Testing

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