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Learning Consultation

Explore Ways to Transform the L&D Experience

Learning-Consultation GA Soft Tech

Learning Consultation

Identifying critical competencies and aligning them with the projected business goals are the tenets of a successful business. The strategies, requirements, and workforce of business are ever-changing entities.

To ensure continuous growth that accommodates these changes efficiently, it is imperative for an organization to adopt a strategic roadmap for Learning & Development. Investing in a comprehensive consultation on learning methodologies is the first step to stay competitive, promote performance, maximize talent and empower employees.

Overcoming the Learning & Development Gap with GA Soft Tech

The L&D team at GA Soft Tech is committed to helping organizations improve their learning outcomes by aligning their learning delivery and objectives with their business needs. Our Learning Consultation Services will enable your organization to explore emerging technologies, delivery platforms and world-class content to build a culture that supports outcome-based learning and performance.


We have been the trusted L&D strategic partner for many top-performing global companies.



Our services directly impact productivity & help in scaling people, process, and performance.

Our Learning Consultation Services

GA Soft Tech has the proven potential for boosting an organization’s L&D, and significantly increase employee and organizational performance and growth. Following are some of the key features of our learning consultation services.

Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis

Detailed performance analysis to identify & define competency parameters for maximizing employee productivity.

Performance Metrics

performance metrics

Performance metrics to optimize & track progress, and measure L&D strategies and explore newer ways to enhance workforce performance.

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

Consultation on measuring learner’s progress against predefined targets and identifying learning effectiveness & gaps.

Audience Analysis

audience analysis

Performance evaluation surveys to define performance goals and create customized learning solutions for various competencies.

Pre-Assessment Solution

pre-assessment solution

Identify top priorities to influence productivity through a detailed analysis of existing L&D strategies.

Performance Gap Analysis

performance gap analysis

Gauge existing learning approach and develop a learning plan that aligns with the set business goals and objectives.

Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping

Design L&D strategies by identifying and categorizing employee competencies to boost learning outcomes.

Learning Consultation

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