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SSHR (Self-Service Human Resources)


Next-Generation Human Resource Management

GA Soft Tech's SSHR Solution

SSHR (Self-Service Human Resources)

The current corporate scenario is dominated by diverse skill sets, squeezing budgets, multiple geographical locations and a colossal pool of human resources. Thus, the need for a higher and more organized level of human resource management becomes imperative.

GA Soft Tech offers a comprehensive SSHR Solution Suite that is aimed at integrating the HR framework of an organization while also offering complete talent management and employee self-service suite.

The Human Resource Management Lifecycle

GA Soft Tech’s SSHR Solution takes care of the end-to-end performance management of human resources, including management of employee learning curves.

Integrated HR and Learning Management System


  • CV sorting
  • Interview Management
  • Initiation of a new request/replacement
  • Screening of candidates through online and offline assessments
The-Human-Resource-Management-Lifecycle_CV Parsing The-Human-Resource-Management-Lifecycle_Employee Onba


  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Assessments
  • Onboarding and Induction
  • Competency Driven Training Plans

GA Soft Tech’s Solution for Learning Management of Employees

At GA Soft Tech, we have utilized the mobility that laptops, smartphones and other handheld devices have introduced into corporate spaces to develop web and mobile-based learning solutions. Our solutions take complete care of the existing applications within an organization and facilitate easy integration with the current system so that business operations are not affected under any circumstances.

SSHR Solution - Features - Learning


The Learning Management System is aligned to the Personnel Management Platform right from the onboarding of an employee, and provides a clear overview of the career roadmap, succession planning, and training assignments.

SSHR Solution - Features - Analytics


The SSHR platform enables the HR or the management team to track the learner’s progress at every juncture, and monitor their performance in various self-learning and collaborative learning assignments.

SSHR Solution - Features - Accessibility


The application is offered as a secured, mobility-based solution that can be easily integrated with the central system, can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and can fetch the required data in real-time.

How Can Our SSHR Solution Benefit Your Organization?

Benefits of GA's SSHR Solution - Automation


Enables automation of basic policy rules with secure access for leave management, loan request, business trips etc.

Benefits of GA's SSHR Solution - Agility


Improves business agility and user adoption by enhancing the speed and efficiency of HR tasks through strategic execution.

Benefits of GA's SSHR Solution - Dynamic


Seamlessly integration to enterprise data; shortens time for completion of workforce change through auto-routing of approvals.

Benefits of GA's SSHR Solution - Accessibility


Empowers the employees with the mobility to access individual Human Resource services at their fingertips anytime & anywhere.