A Visionary ERP for Campus Management


Academic institutions have an exhaustive sequence of duties to undertake and manage – admissions, fee management, interaction with parents, examinations, reports, and staff management. This can be quite challenging and cumbersome given the strength of the students and the diversity of courses. Thus, technology-abled ERP solutions can help educational institutions deliver excellent performance and quality educational service.

Why Educational Institutions Need an ERP?

“India has the world’s largest higher education system with close to 800 universities and ranks 2nd in student enrolment numbers in higher education.”

The education industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years and is set to experience greater expansion in the years to come. However, in most institutions, the management of administrative and other functions is yet to embrace technology. Traditional techniques can be time-consuming and can result in greater chances of errors. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for academia comes into the picture.

Save Time:
ERP enables institutions to save time and improve productivity by automating the administration process.
Easy Collaboration:
ERP provides a common platform for interaction between peers, trainers, teachers, and parents.

“ERP’s common platform for collaboration is a blessing in disguise for the current generation of tech-savvy students and busy working parents.”

Our Solution – Campvision ERP

Our cloud-based ERP solution – Campvision – is a future-ready solution which facilitates anywhere, anytime access. It is a highly scalable, cost-effective and robust software with premium security features that secure the privacy and sensitive details captured in the system.

Key Highlights of Campvision ERP

  • Master set of modules to handle both academic and administrative activities
  • Analytic-driven ERP custom developed for streamlining educational institution processes
  • An integrated system that facilitates synchronization between departments & administrators
  • Automatically generated reports assist institutions in mobilizing various processes at one go

Benefits to Various Stake Holders


It provides a common platform for students to discuss and share their knowledge, doubts or queries with teachers and peers. They can also pay their course and hostel fees, and access books and placement information easily.


Campvision ERP enables teachers to efficiently manage the attendance, performance, and reports of students. Teachers can easily launch online forums and assignments, and collaborate with students and parents.


Campvision ERP offers the management a synchronized platform to interact with students, parents, staff, and teachers. They also have an easy and quick access to records.


It helps streamline operations across various functions by aligning the co-ordination between them. The administration also has a better access to reports and information in real-time.


Campvision provides parents with regular progress reports about their children and notification of various activities. They can also collaborate with teachers in real-time to discuss various issues.


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