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nhance Language Lab

A Complete Package of Instructor & Computer-Based Training


nhance Language Lab

Globalization has been one of the key factors in rendering English as the primary language of communication in educational institutions and at the workplace. However, students and young professionals in developing countries fail to make it to the global stage due to their poor knowledge of the English language.

GA Software Technologies recognizes the need for a specialized module that imparts good English Language skills to academic and Government institutions through its product – nhance Language Lab.

Our Offer
nhance Language Lab

“With nhance Language Lab, English language is no longer a barrier between goals and capabilities.”

nhance Learning Lab is a customized Blended Learning Program that fulfills the purpose of delivering English training innovatively. It is focused on helping learners acquire a global-level English language proficiency.

Our-Offer_-nhance-Language-Lab - Exclusive


An offshoot of our innovative education solutions exclusively for the Indian chapter to equip students for global competence.

Our-Offer - nhance-Language-Standardized


Built on the LSRW (Listen-Speak-Read-Write) framework offering an all-round, practical exposure to global English.

Our-Offer - nhance-Language-Lab - Practical


Learners are trained in functional language skills that they can implement in daily dealings at home, office, or overseas.

Our-Offer_-nhance-Language-Lab - Interactive


Learners are encouraged to participate & communicate in English through regular and interactive practice sessions.

The Framework of nhance Language Lab

nhance Language Lab implements a Blended Learning methodology for a balanced and engaging learning environment. The Blended Learning methodology involves an ideal mix of Instructor Led Teaching (ILT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) for the intended curriculum.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

CBT is an approach to reinforce learning and enable participants with practical exercises for learners. It enables learners to learn at their own pace, and practice and view their progress and development in real-time. Learners can self-monitor their problem areas and advance through reinforced practice.

Instructor-Led Teaching (ILT)

ILT offers a human touch to learning through instructors who mentor learners and motivate them to participate in discussions. nhance Language Lab has all the preset ILT materials for the instructors to handle the session with ease in delivering and customizing according to the student groups.


Our Key Differentiators

  • The transformation from traditional pedagogies to interactive & engaging blended learning
  • Multimedia-rich, interactive activities increase students’ interest and curiosity to learn English
  • Facilitation of self-paced learning for students so that they continue learning at their own pace
  • Personalized attention of teachers to every student that promotes the personalized learning experience
  • A gradual increase in students’ proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

nhance Language Lab

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