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Enterprise Application Testing

Putting Applications to Test

Enterprise-Application-Testing - Software Engineers

Enterprise Application Testing

In order to gain a competitive edge and automate business processes, enterprises are increasingly adopting myriad software applications across multiple departments and functions. With multiple applications becoming a part of the business workflow, decision making and regulatory compliance of enterprises, it is imperative that their functionality, performance, reliability, accuracy, and usability are suitably tested before bringing them into action.

GA Soft Tech provides application testing services for different verticals, and across a multitude of platforms and applications.

GA Soft Tech’s Application Testing Services

We, GA Soft Tech, understand that the key to a successful business is defect free, feature-rich applications. Our skilled resources provide expert solutions in selecting testing tools, defining performance targets and metrics, test consulting & planning, test designing, test case preparation, test execution (automated or/and manual), analysis of test results, defect tracking and identification and removal of performance bottlenecks.

Our Range of Testing Services

With a wide range of technologies, verticals, functional issues, and development cycles, the testing requirements of every application are unique. Following are the testing services that we provide.


Functionality Testing

Basic functionality tests for screen process flows, workflows, reports, and transactions, and complex functions such as third party and database integrations.

Usability Testing

Evaluating usability issues such as flow, efficiency, interaction quotient, errors, success rate, content, and other points of interaction between the user and the application from a human standpoint.

Performance Testing

Stress and load testing to evaluate application performance in varying conditions of loads, activities and connection speeds, and on platforms such as web, mobile devices, intranet.

Compatibility Testing

Testing compatibility with various connected components such as mobile devices, browsers, keyboards, networks, printers and others with multiple permutations.

Security Testing

Threat modeling, penetration testing, detailed code review, manual reviews & inspections, and other security tests methods to assess potential vulnerabilities and loopholes.

Compliance Testing

Assess compliance of the application with various generic, organization-specific, industry-specific, country-specific and function-specific standards/laws.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Commitment to near-zero defect outcomes
  • Significantly higher quality of service with predictive delivery
  • End-to-end testing services covering different industry segments
  • Strategic alliances and dedicated CoEs with leading test tools vendors
  • Facility of remote testing that reduces testing infrastructure investments
  • Global Delivery Model of onsite, offshore, near-shore and remote testing

Testing Services

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