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Skill Development

Learning Solutions for Empowering WorkForce

Why is Skill Development Essential

Why is Skill Development Essential?

India is progressing at an astonishing rate and has carved a niche for itself across the globe in every sphere – be it technology, art, motion pictures, music or literature. However, as is the case with all developing countries, the problem of socio-economic disparity is rampant all over India too. This leads to societal gaps that limit the chances of the underprivileged to live a financially independent and respectable life. Such individuals are often unaware of the available skill development opportunities that could help them to fuel their socio-economic progress. In order to foster growth, every developing nation needs to engage in greater initiation and promotion of skill development programs.

GA Soft Tech’s Skill Development Solutions

As per UN reports, billions of Indians will enter the job market in the upcoming years. However, the lack of a skilled workforce with specialization at par with industry standards is expected to hamper the economy of rapidly developing nations such as India. We, at GA Soft Tech, provide skill development solutions that are carefully crafted by our training & learning technology teams.


Experience of partnering with National and State Governments for providing skill development solutions focussing on vocational skills and targeted at learners deprived of formal education.


The inculcation of industry-specific skills that are in demand helps create individuals who are much sought-after, thus providing them with the opportunity to lead a better lifestyle.

Our All-round Skill Development Model

Our 360-degree approach to creating Skill Development Solutions focus on three main areas: Technical & Job Skills, Mindset & Behavior and Employability.

  • Inculcating the principle values of determination, hard work, belief, and ownership.
  • Engaging learning methods to promote practical learning and boost higher assimilation.
  • Post-training support on health and financial management to promote stable socio-economic growth.
  • Developing job-readiness while also assisting in skills required for resume writing and facing interviews.

“India is likely to dominate the growth in the working-age population in the Asia Pacific by 2050.”

Our Skill Development Formula – Engage. Empower. Enhance.


Boost engagement with the fast-growing world by enhancing the workforce's literacy and language skills.

  • Blended Learning Methods
  • Trainer Assistance
  • Preloaded Content in Tablets


Strategic steps for the development of soft and basic communication skills to further empower the workforce.

  • Virtual Classroom Training
  • Trainer Assistance
  • Preloaded Content in Tablets


The final level of skill development incorporates the development of domain-specific and specialized expertise.

  • Self-paced Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Video-based Learning

Skill Development

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