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Capacity Building

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Capacity Building Driving the Growth of a Nation

Driving the Growth of a Nation

Capacity Building is an essential investment towards maintaining the effectiveness and promoting the sustainability of an enterprise. Development of capacities among government workforce is considered as one of the essential requirements to enable a digitally empowered government. Presently, the training and knowledge disseminated to government employees are static. Also, the methods adopted for training and education are conventional and thus have their limitations in terms of scalability and capturing of analytics.

The Need for Capacity Building

The world is growing at a rapid pace – both technologically as well as demographically. For a nation to keep pace with such speedy developments, it is essential for them to build a citizen-centric and digitally advanced approach. A major step towards the realization of the goal of more effective governance is the development and improvement of government capacities at all levels of the workforce – local, state and national.

  • Capacity building enables the government to address budgeting, revenue collection, law enforcement, grievance redressal, etc. in a more efficient way.
  • It also facilitates greater transparency and boosts higher public engagement.
  • Additionally, it helps in the identification & development of underutilized skills as well as strengthening of existing skills.

Current Challenges in Capacity Building

  • Use of conventional methods for the execution of work and distribution of knowledge
  • Inefficient and slow adaptation to the changing needs of the society & nation
  • Insufficient training & awareness of the latest tools and technology to expedite work
  • Presence of learners/participants across multiple and widespread geographical locations
  • Lack of routine updates in the methods & structure of training and delivery of information
  • The absence of a central, unified platform for the dissemination of training and knowledge

GA Soft Tech’s Approach to Capacity Building

We, at GA Soft Tech, are committed to enhancing the growth of the Government sector. We have streamlined our products/services for capacity building in line with the ‘Digital India’ program that is aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society.


Our first step is the assessment of the organization’s goals and existing conditions to understand its challenges in terms of capacity building.


We methodologically deploy innovative and cost-optimized solutions and services that would benefit the organization while maximizing resource utilization.


Our specially crafted training programs are targeted at improving the existing skills of the workforce and developing newer proficiencies.


We adopt a time-efficient approach to ensure that our capacity building services offer the maximum efficiency to the enterprise in optimal time.

Training and Development

Training and Development

Human resource development and workforce empowerment are the main factors that contribute towards a successful transformation to e-Governance. To progress towards the vision of a Digital India, it is imperative to train government officials on relevant competencies at a rapid pace and on a larger scale. Thus, it is essential to support different Government departments on necessary consulting services, tools and technologies, and suitable platforms so that they are able to deliver digital services to its citizens. Our capacity building services focus on three major areas – training & development, e-governance platform and aligning people, process, and technology.

Capacity Building

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