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Experience Moodle with GA Software Technologies

When it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS), users are spoilt for choice. GA Software Technologies brings to you the Moodle LMS – an open-source learning platform that transforms the practice of learning and teaching. Moodle is unlike other learning platforms and is trusted by over 100 million users across the world! Choose GA Software Technologies as your 24/7 Moodle Partner that takes care of all things ‘Moodle’ – from the LMS implementation to managed hosting and constant support.

Be a Part of the 130 Million+ Moodle Global Community

Choosing Moodle – an open-source Learning Management System – enables you to join a globally-supported and community-driven fraternity of users, educators, developers, administrators and every other soul who shares the same interests and love for this learning platform. Have access to the Moodle forum that lets you share your ideas and get support in the language of your choice.

A Preview of the Moodle Community

The Moodle LMS Community is an ever-growing fraternity of like-minded individuals sharing the same interest for a robust and best-in-class Learning Platform.


Footprints across above countries


More than above million happy users


Over above million enrollments


Over above million talking on its forum

Why Choose GA Software as Your Moodle Platform Partner?

With GA Software Technologies as your Moodle Partner, you have the backing of a robust team that helps you achieve enhanced learning outcomes. As a Moodle solutions provider, we offer you a choice of learning management systems that best suit your business model or learning needs. Leave your Moodle deployment to us and focus on your primary business goals.

  • LMS Implementation
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration & Custom Development
  • Expert Support
  • 24/7 Support & Assistance

Our Services as Your Moodle Partner

LMS Implementation

GA’s team of LMS experts ensure that your L&D site is live and running at the earliest from the point you choose Moodle as your choice of LMS. Our efficiency and speed in LMS implementation come from years of catering to a plethora of end users. With GA as your Moodle implementation partner, you can rest assured that the costs incurred are minimum while learner engagement is maximum.

How We Accomplish a Successful LMS Implementation??

  • Site Set-up: Configuration of domain & hosting along with site security.
  • LMS Theme: Choosing a device-agnostic theme relevant to your brand.
  • Plugins: Installing additional plugins so that the site performs as desired.
  • Migration: Migrating your LMS content and courses to the cloud.
  • Support: Training your staff on the maximum utilization of Moodle.


Already a Moodle user and looking for support with its maintenance and updates? You have our backing! Being an open-source LMS, Moodle requires the ideal tuning between the application and server to provide the best user experience. GA provides support to existing as well as new Moodle clients with the much-needed network, server and software configurations.

Theme Customization

Provide your LMS users an experience that is unique and reflects the spirit of your brand. We provide services for customizing your Moodle theme as per your requirements. Our experts are adept at deploying a combination of the latest version updates and UX trends to enhance the user experience your Moodle platform provides without involving high custom development charges.

Benefits of a Custom Moodle Theme

Higher Engagement: Adding the unique touch of your brand to your LMS platform helps elicit a higher engagement from users.
Reduced Costs: Moodle’s customizable themes helps save the burden of an additional cost of custom development.
Easy Management: An end-to-end management of your LMS by an expert helps you focus on your core business activities.


We help you integrate your Moodle LMS with other applications that your enterprise uses such as CRM, payment gateways, HRMS etc. Moodle’s open-source code and GA’s time-tested expertise in handling a wide range of client requirements enable us to curate an LMS that best suits your goals. Integrating students’ information and ERP systems with your Moodle platform is not a hassle anymore!

Cloud Hosting

Wish to take your Moodle to the clouds? GA’s managed Moodle hosting services enable clients to migrate their LMS content and courses to the cloud. Our clients have the option of choosing either a shared or a dedicated cloud hosting.

  • We handle the operating systems, servers, databases, backups, applications, software updates, and
  • We ensure that your LMS delivers exactly what you wish for by constantly monitoring and scaling the system performance.

How You Can Benefit from GA’s Moodle Support?

Optimal Value

Our team helps enhance the adoption of your LMS to provide users the maximum utility from the platform.

Faster Resolution

The support of an experienced team ensures that any technical issue is catered to and solved promptly.

24/7 Monitoring

Rest assured that we shall constantly monitor your infrastructure to ensure that your LMS is operable 24/7.

Responsive LMS

We provide support and assistance to create an LMS that is user-friendly, high-performing and responsive.

Key Features of Moodle

Up-to-date Content

Upload and update content at ease. Provide your learners with seamless access to online articles, videos, audio, journals, and editable PDFs.

Gamified Learning & Assessment

Tests are no longer boring with Moodle’s in-built gaming features that enable learners to engage in interactive challenges and quizzes.

Badges & Points

Boost your learners’ confidence and acknowledge their achievements by rewarding them with badges and points on Moodle’s interactive learning platform.

Multimedia-based Learning

Use Moodle’s in-built tools to provide your learners with an engaging content by embedding animation, audio, video, and images into your courses.

Integrate Webinars

Integrate Adobe Connect and add live or recorded webinars into your learning platform for your learners to register and attend.

Video Conferencing

Remote learners have easy access to learning content through recorded sessions, and sharing of whiteboards, audio/video, chat, desktops and slides in real-time.

Live Interaction

Moodle makes the administration and implementation of blended learning i.e. live training sessions/seminars with teachers a cakewalk for learning administrators.

Collaborative Learning Tools

Promote collaborative learning and content creation through Moodle’s in-built communication features such as forums, chats, surveys, feedback, Wiki’s, and workshops.

Flexible Learning

Provide your learners a 24/7 anytime, anywhere access to learning content and courses with Moodle’s e-learning platform.

Multiple Languages

Language is not a barrier anymore for learners across the globe as Moodle supports courses in multiple languages.

Mobility in Learning

Offer a flexible learning platform and make learning on-the-go a seamless process with Moodle’s mobile compatible e-learning courses.

Advanced Grading Methods

Trainers have access to rubrics and other advanced grading methods that enable them to communicate their expectations from learners.

Analytical Reports

Trainers can measure the assimilation and engagement of learners by monitoring events, creating course overview statistics, and generating analytical reports.

Custom Reports

Moodle’s perfectly customizable platform and custom reporting feature allow trainers to add additional criteria to the reports generated.

Easy Exam Administration

Teachers can easily administer and create tests comprising any question type by choosing from a wide range of pre-created question bank.

Reach More People & Expand Your Revenue Streams Using Moodle

Do you deal with clients spread across the world? Shifting from classroom sessions to online learning helps improve course accessibility for all your users/clients. GA Software Technologies strives to make this transformation seamless as your Moodle Partner. Implementation of e-learning through Moodle shall promote your reach to a larger audience, and thus create new revenue sources for your business. Reach out to more people and fuel the steady growth of your learning programs.

  • Standardized Online Curriculum
  • Managed Hosting & Support
  • Mobile-responsive Platform
  • On-the-go Learning