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Secured Transcripts

Strengthening an Organization’s Integrity


Safeguarding Certificates from Counterfeiters

“The absence of a fool-proof system for the verification and validation of certificates is what provides fraudsters the opportunity to infiltrate and exploit the system.”

Academic certificates/transcripts are of immense importance for admission to educational institutions or employment in an organization. Growing concerns regarding fake certificates are a serious issue. It endangers an individual’s chances of gaining entry into college, university or a secured job. Moreover, it brings disrepute to both the organization issuing it as well the individual.

Our Value Proposition

“Our value proposition for the generation of verified and tamper-proof documents lies in our intensive services, from the secure coding of papers and unique encryption techniques to an advanced security printing.”

GA Soft Tech’s comprehensive suite of Transcript Solutions helps secure the information and authenticity of certificates/documents to arrest the issue of fake and duplicate certificates. Our Secure Transcript Solutions feature unique and proprietary designs that can be customized as per the organization.

  • Encrypted with robust algorithms to inhibit tampering and duplication of transcripts
  • Incorporate physical as well as digital security features that are impossible to replicate
  • Customized designs and proprietary algorithms with multi-level security

What Do We offer?

Secure Envelops

Advanced anti-tamper security features for protection of confidential documents inside envelopes.

On-spot verification

Fail-safe verification of all important documents such as certificates and mark sheets anytime, anywhere.

Track & Trace Technology

Embedded QR code, geotags and time stamps for quick verification of the legitimacy of documents.

Design, Development & Printing

Water-proof, tear-resistant transcripts embedded with a robust algorithm, guilloche pattern, holograms etc.

Features of Our Secured Transcripts


Physical Security Features


Digital Security Features

  • Tear/Water Resistant Paper
  • High-Resolution Border
  • Water Marks
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Wave Effect
  • Color Shading
  • Penetrative Ink Numbering
  • Candidate Photo Printing
  • Guilloche Pattern
  • Rainbow Screen
  • Hidden Image
  • Anti-Copy Ink

The transcripts incorporate our globally patented secure 2D codes that are custom designed and encrypted with military-grade algorithms. This renders the transcripts impervious to mathematical pattern analysis (cracking) and brute force attack. This QR code embedded app-based solution enables the verifier to quickly check and assess the legitimacy of educational documents.

Benefits of Our Secure Transcripts Solutions

Superior Security Features

We provide transcripts encrypted with military grade algorithm embedded in 2D codes, along with physical security features. The need for a complex IT infrastructure is reduced by integrating database records in the code.


Preserving Brand Identity

Our Transcript Solutions help save an organization from the disgrace brought upon by counterfeited documents. Forgery/duplication is avoided by incorporating multi-level physical and digital security features.


Customized Solutions

Our experience enables us to anticipate loopholes in advance and curate solutions accordingly. We provide bespoke, cost-effective solutions based on the specific requirements of an organization.


Secure Access to Information

Institutes can attain verified and authentic information about a transcript whenever required via a secure environment. Authorized subscribers can trace verified owners & retrieve authentic reports on demand.

Secured Transcripts

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