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nhance K12

Transforming the K12 Learning Experience

nhance-K12 Learning Solutions

nhance K12

The increased access to digital resources has resulted in a significant paradigm shift in the current learning environment. Educators are increasingly looking at technologically enabled ways to keep students engaged. At GA Soft Tech, we have been partnering with educators and schools to create age-appropriate lessons catering to varied learning styles. Our combination of interactive online lessons and offline materials for K12 learners provide a device-agnostic, engaging and interactive learning experience.

Digital, Connected and Dynamic

The parameters that aptly define the present generation of learners.

Our Solution – nhance K12

nhance K12 is GA Soft Tech’s e-Learning content that can be custom developed and designed for national and international educational boards. It can be deployed via a Tablet or our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS).

Ideate. Design. Deploy

From digital animations and game-based simulations to assessments, our specialists in project management and multimedia/ technology design & development help create customized, media-rich K12 content.

  • Adaptive
  •  Engaging
  • Practical
  • Flexible

Features of nhance K12

  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Covers all K12 subject streams
  • Live and indulging learning sessions
  • Fully animated, highly interactive content
  • Blended affordable K12 learning materials
  • Curriculum designed by experienced SMEs
  • Innovative games and impressive multimedia content
  • 600+ Modules covering Mathematics, Science, EVS, and ICT

How nhance K12 Benefits Students, Parents, and Teachers?

K12 learning - students
  • Device agnostic
  • Technology-based learning
  • Multiple books can be archived
  • Multimedia-rich interactive content
  • Eliminates the need for carrying textbooks
K12 solution beneficiary - parents
  • Receive child’s performance reports
  • Enables activity tracking & monitoring
  • Receive instant notifications from school
  • Advance purchase of textbooks online
  • Report on grades, timetable, attendance
K12 solution beneficiary - teachers
  • Reduces manual workload
  • Students’ performance tracking
  • Content is up-to-date & upgraded
  • Multimedia-rich & engaging content
  • Live & interactive classroom activities

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

Teaching models that power innovation in learners and facilitate personalized & competency-based education.


Phased Assessments

Periodic assessments/tests integrated into each lesson for monitoring learner’s progress, mastery of concepts and competency level.


Media-rich Lessons

Rich, innovative and engaging media, games, quizzes, puzzles, slideshows, animation etc. in a range of delivery models.

Competency-Based Learning

Competency-Based Learning

The content supports personalized learning for enhancing learner's knowledge and success.

Standardized K12 Content

Standardized K12 Content

Mapped to CBSE/NCERT/State boards, quality compliant content offers age-appropriate lessons.

nhance K12

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