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Employability & Psychometric Assessments

At GA Soft Tech, we create comprehensive and accurate psychometric testing content and resources that support large-scale and custom assessments. Our cost-effective and standardized Psychometric Testing Solutions are based on periodic progress monitoring systems. This enables managers, coaches, and educators to create a detailed roadmap for training implementation and management. The tools are based on an industry-aligned curriculum that facilitates evaluation based on a candidate’s intended position, learning, and skill level.

Need for Psychometric Analysis

In Enterprises

Psychometric Testing tools enable enterprises to monitor the progress of learners and accordingly design instructional methods and activities. The instructional effectiveness score generated by the tool helps measure the cognitive capabilities of learners and predict their performance. Presently, more organizations are investing in customized psychometric tests for a comprehensive and appropriate employee evaluation.

In Educational Institutions

There is a prolific increase in the competition and pressure on the current generation of school and varsity students. Thus, educators are increasingly looking at psychometric analysis to measure students’ achievements and learning effectiveness. Psychometric tools enable trainers to boost confidence and learning effectiveness by creating a more personalized learning module and training roadmap.

GA Soft Tech’s Solution for Psychometric Testing

With our Psychometric Testing tools, one can monitor progress, generate an individual instructional effectiveness score, design instructional methods, and activities, and also measure job-relevant cognitive capabilities to predict performance. Following are some of the key differentiators of GA Soft Tech’s Psychometric Testing solutions.

Personalized Learning

Empowers administrators to create personalized learning roadmap by mapping every learner’s progression, strength and weakness.

Catalog Performance

Enables a quick and accurate estimation of learners’ skills and learning effectiveness relative to standardized norms.

Industry Compliant

Offers resources that are industry compliant and are created by experienced test writers and psychometricians.

Summative Assessments

Enables growth track in a consistent manner over a long time to analyze the long-term performance of every learner.

Learning Progression

Learning progress map helps precisely assess prerequisite knowledge and skills by identifying knowledge sequence.

Flexible Framework

Supports custom testing and reporting modules that help define competency potential and forecast mastery levels.

Employability & Psychometric Assessments

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