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Online Assessments

Addressing the Needs of Higher Education


The Need for Online Assessment Management

Assessments are a regular part of an organization’s routine operations for analyzing an individual’s competency – be it corporates or educational institutions. Such assessments often end up becoming a clumsy and cumbersome process due to piles of paperwork, manual evaluation process, and the innumerable hassles associated with custom verification of individual assessment data. Maintaining equilibrium between all the processes and departments involved is a tedious task.

What Do We Offer?

We, at GA Soft Tech, are adept at crafting assessment solutions that are best suited for the specific requirement of an organization. An Online Assessment solution optimizes time, effort, and results seamlessly. We provide technology-mediated scalable solutions for online assessment management to institutions, universities, and training organizations for different functions.

Recruitment Screening

Post-Training Assessment

Skill Assessment

Training Evaluation

Cloud-based Online Assessment Solutions

Our cloud-based examination management system is built on a sound test delivery practice and is equipped with sophisticated tools that ensure an effortless medium of assessment for administrators, students, and professionals. The major features of our assessment solutions are member creation with dynamic role allocation, question paper authoring, and question bank creation.

Our Online Assessment Solution – nhance Evaluator

nhance Evaluator is our proprietary Online Assessment Management Solution that helps track evaluation grades and generates intensive reports replete with intelligent data analytics. nhance Evaluator is already being used by leading educational institutions and universities and is well-crafted to be effectively used in the higher education segment. Its suite of applications is designed to meet the current market requirements with a cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly model.

Key Highlights of GA’s Online Assessment Solutions

Integrated Flexibility

Options for question review, changing, and re-attempting of the questions.

Alternate Modes

Alternative modes of assessment modes such as grading, ranking, reporting, etc.

Premium Support

Premium support backed by our team of seasoned professionals.

Easy Integration

Integration with individual profiles of examinees enables easy progress monitoring.

Varied Formats

Multiple choices, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, match the following, hotspot and much more.

Secure Question Papers

Question papers are locked with a password to avoid misuse and tampering.

Our Online Assessment Workflow

Online Assessment Workflow-01

Our Key Differentiators

PAN India Network

An extensive network of test centers across leading cities of India for conducting online exams in highly secure and technologically-equipped test centers.

Flexible Deployment

Our solutions are crafted to best suit the requirements of our clients and are based on a flexible deployment model – cloud-based, on-premise, or hosted models.

Easy Adaptability

The platform can be easily configured, customized, modified, enhanced or optimized based on specific requirements.

Application Suite

The online assessment engine combines a powerful suite of applications to set a systematic, intuitive and accurate process for customized results.

Customizable Framework

Offers a range of customizable features for simplified management of assessments that can be seamlessly integrated using our framework.

Enhanced Mobility

Syncing of mobile version with the web portal provides users updated information, notifications, and access to their accounts on-the-go.

Online Assessments

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