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Learning Platform Solutions

Enhancing Learning Effectiveness

Why the Learning Landscape Needs a Change?

In order to drive innovation, growth, and success, investing in continuous learning and development has become a necessity for businesses. Whether it’s for employees, customers, vendors or partners, the right Learning Management System (LMS) enables effective information sharing among different stakeholders, and also helps in creating a customized learning environment.

Learning Platform Solutions by

GA Soft Tech

GA Soft Tech offers LMS solutions that serve as a unified learning delivery system supporting course creation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and training.

Custom Solutions

Our customized and flexible solutions let you explore online, offline, synchronous, asynchronous & blended learning options to match your learning strategy and objectives.

Leading by Experience

Our open-source LMS leverages our diverse technical, language and domain-specific capabilities to enable gaining, enhancing, and sharing of knowledge and skills on-the-go.

Basic Features of GA Soft Tech’s Learning Platform Solutions


Learning Delivery & Management

Customizable learning modules integrated with comprehensive performance metrics enable monitoring of performing and effectiveness of training.


Optimized Decision-Making

Comprehensive analytics & dashboards offer intuitive reporting and analytics-driven insights that enable better decision-making.


Personalized Learning Programs

Personalized learning for diverse audiences & learning styles; with pre-configured templates, collaborative workflows, and easy content rendering.


Content Creation & Reuse

Simplified content assembly and delivery, and holistic content reuse strategy from existing content to reduce delivery costs and content turnaround time.


Learning Content Management

LMS solutions for management of multiple learning modalities and content within a single learning program for both single and mixed-mode learning paths.


Analytical Report & Dashboard

Comprehensive analysis of learner’s progress through ad-hoc reports, dashboards & analytics help improve learning effectiveness and create learning roadmaps.

Our-Key-Differentiators Learning Platform Solutions

Our Key Differentiators

GA Soft Tech can help you deploy an intuitive and easy-to-use LMS solution that aligns with your organizational, business and talent goals. Here are the key differentiators of our learning platform solutions.

  • Choice of open source and enterprise version
  • Flexible deployment model – SaaS/Cloud/On-premise
  • Easy integration with an organization’s existing legacy systems
  • Simple and user-friendly administration with custom dashboards
  • Mobility solution for refresher learning & reinforcement of training
  • Custom solutions based on competency mapping & skill assessment
  • Analytics for training progress, training effectiveness & performance
  • Compliance with the latest industry requirements (including TinCan API)
  • Scalable architecture & interoperability to adapt to changing learning trends

Learning Platform Solutions

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