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Innovative Learning Solutions

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The Current Education Landscape

With nearly 1.4 million schools, over 850 universities and close to 40,000 higher educational institutes, India houses one of the largest education sectors in the world. This sector is poised to grow larger in scale commensurate to the increasing income levels and growing need for quality education.

India’s colossal youth population can lend a greater competitive edge to the nation provided they are adequately skilled and the education system is expanded and reconditioned as per the current needs.

Adding Innovation to the Teaching-Learning Routine

Preparing the current generation of students for an entrepreneurial and innovative future is the need of the hour. 21st-century learning needs to progress beyond the conventional pedagogies of chalk and board, textbook recitation, and rote by memory examinations. It is time that academic institutions revolutionized the teaching-learning routine by adopting innovative learning techniques such as Flipped Classroom, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Gamified Learning, and other aspects of Education Technology (EdTech).

Our Solutions for Innovative Learning

We have a host of digital learning tools and frameworks to help organizations adopt innovative learning solutions
as per their learning objectives, learning environment, and expected outcomes.

AR-and-VR-Solutions - Innovative Learning Solutions

We leverage augmented and virtual reality to create an immersive atmosphere in which learners are an integral part of the learning session by allowing them to interact and visualize in a 3-dimensional environment.

  • Custom content-based AR and VR solutions
  • AR/VR curation and library for faster access
  • Interactive walkthroughs
Interactive 3D - Innovative Learning Solutions

We offer multimedia-rich learning content using 3D graphics, interactive presentations, and interactive videos that generate higher assimilation, retention, and interaction among learners.

  • Interactive learning content
  • 3D animations
  • Interactive pdfs, presentations etc.
simulated Learning - Innovative Learning Solutions

A simulated learning environment offers learners a chance to learn and assimilate concepts by performing tasks in realistic settings, and also helps in honing their understanding and practical application of knowledge.

  • Learning content based on simulations
  • Concept-based simulations
  • Domain-specific interactive simulations
Gamified Learning Innovative Learning Solutions

Game-based learning promotes healthy competition, higher retention of concepts, team collaboration, role-playing, talent and knowledge development, skill enhancement, and efficient accomplishment of tasks.

  • Customized game-based learning solutions
  • Single/Multiplayer games
  • App-based games
Mobile Learning Innovative Learning Solutions

By seamlessly syncing learners’ devices (Smartphones, iPads, Tablets) with the learning platform, they have access to learning content and information on-the-go; outside of school, college or work.

  • Online and offline access to learning apps
  • Customized mobile applications
  • Synchronization with web applications/devices

Innovative Learning Solutions

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