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Smart Classrooms

Breaking the Barriers of Conventional Learning

Smart Classrooms

The rapid technological advancements have increased the obsession of the current generation of learners with smartphones, laptops and other handheld devices. This has resulted in a significant shift from the traditional methods of learning/teaching in order to elicit greater attention and interest from the learners. At GA Soft Tech, we harness world-class interactive technologies to transform learning into a whole new experience by providing solutions for Smart Classrooms.

Learning is Fun with GA Soft Tech’s Smart Classroom Solutions

“With the education sector witnessing a steady growth in technology-enabled learning, classrooms today are becoming more digital and interactive.”

We provide Smart Classroom Solutions that combine collaborative learning technology with visualization tools. This helps to promote greater engagement amongst students and fosters critical thinking and deeper understanding. Our Smart Classroom solutions incorporate designing, planning, implementation and support for deploying intuitive and technology-enabled interactive learning spaces.

Why Choose our Smart Classroom Solutions?

Track Student Progress

Real-time & summative assessments to effectively monitor student behavior, engagement, and progress.

Learning Management System

Customized Learning

Create personalized learning environments to meet diverse learning objectives and the needs of individual students.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration between students and teachers enables easy knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

Enhance Knowledge Retention

Create engaging learning content that simplifies learning and boosts comprehension and assimilation.

Improve Teacher-Student Interaction

Real-time monitoring and analytical review enable teachers to personalize the learning methodologies for each student.

Features of GA’s Smart Classroom Solutions

“Explore, inspire and expand the horizons of knowledge with our Learning Technology Solutions.”

Smart Devices

E-books installed on tablets, smartphones, and laptops

Digital Whiteboards

Enables making real-time digital notes with HD display

Micro Servers

Integrated with soft boards for a real-time interactive platform

Digital Records

Digital database of students’ details, test results, interests etc.

Smart Wearables

Attendance tracking & health monitoring during outdoor activities

Video Sensors

Real-time surveillance and capture of classroom lectures/activities

3D Learning

Greater assimilation and comprehension facilitated by 3D content

Online Assessments

Online performance monitoring & digital management of tests

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Application-based approach to enrich teaching-learning experience

Smart Classrooms

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