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December 21, 2016
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The traditional examination system is gradually phasing out. Technology and changing times are transforming the old examination process. The traditional examination system involved a volume of logistics, maintenance, workforce and management. The old examination process is time-consuming, involves high printing and logistics cost, and is a lengthy affair. Technology has changed it all. An Online Management System is making its mark as an advanced tool that streamlines the examination process through its seamless design and implementation. An Online Examination System is also highly cost-effective.

Let’s take a look at how an Online Examination Management System can increase your profit.

Major cost factors involved in traditional examination

The traditional examination system is rooted in high cost factors. Below are some of the high cost factors:


The old examination system involved an extended workforce. Administrators to manage the examination, faculty to set and schedule the examinations, moderators to assess the examination process, invigilators to supervise, and teachers to grade the answer papers. The old examination system employed labour at every level. It had a chain of people delegated with specific roles. The vertical hierarchy involves high costs.


Logistics is an integral part of any operation. The traditional examination system engages heavy logistics that leads to increased cost. The foremost factor here is the setting and seating arrangement. Having a place to conduct the examination is a crucial factor. Setting it up with infrastructure leads to additional expenses. Maintaining the venue further adds to costs. Participants too are inconvenienced and face expenditure in travelling to the examination venue. Besides this, transportation cost of the examination question and answer papers is another expensive factor.

Printing and paper costs

Elaborating on the last point in the previous cost factor, examination question papers, as well as answer sheets, involve tremendous paper and printing cost. The sheer number of participants leads to a great amount of papers to be printed and distributed. Printing costs also cover participant’s hall tickets and passes and their ID cards. Registration and admission forms too contribute to the high printing and paper costs involved

How online examination management system can increase your profit

An Online Examination Management System is an innovative solution that not just speeds up the examination process and enhances functionalities, but also maximizes cost savings.

A School ERP Solution effectively reduces administrative, printing, installation and communication costs. An ERP Solution streamlines school operations and drives focus for a global standard education and performance. It facilitates practical, automatic and potent solutions for several challenges faced by the school management. An ERP solution promotes a positive ROI not just for the school but also for the faculty, parents and students.

Automated process

The specialty of an Online Examination Management System lies in its automated process. Its automation feature synchronizes various functionalities for a smooth and fast operation. A great advantage of having an automated process means less manual labour requirement. The traditional examination system requires 3-6 individuals to set and schedule the examination papers, distribute them, supervise the examination, and grade. An Online Examination System on the other hand would require just 1 or 2 to handle the entire examination process. The automated feature makes it easy for an individual to set, schedule, assign, edit, and check the examination questions and answers.

Web based format

The traditional examination system involved a huge amount of expensive logistics. An Online Examination Management system includes light and economical logistics. Being a web-based application, an Online Examination System may include just a one-time cost. With zero infrastructures, IT, installation and maintenance cost, an Online Examination Management system is a high saver. A desktop, or laptop and an internet connection are the only other costs involved. Participants can easily apply for and attend the examination from the comfort of their home or any place convenient for them.

Zero paper and print cost

In line with the previous cost-saving factor, unlike the traditional examination management system that ivolved high printing and paper cost, an Online Management System eliminates this expenditure through its very nature of being web-based. Question papers can be easily set online within a few minutes. They can further be edited and assigned to candidates. Candidates answer the questions in the paper online itself and submit their answers. The automated feature assists in evaluating the answers and generates the results online. Hall passes and ID cards are computer generated and applied online. Application forms too are available online to be filled and submitted without printing. The whole process saves up on the entire cost of paper and print.

An Online Examination Management System asserts its fine balance of economy and efficiency through its features. It marks a revolutionary change in how examinations are conducted. With its cost-effective factors spearheading profit, an Online Examination Management System also saves time and effort to deliver a proficient and sophisticated system of examination.

How online examination management system can increase your profit

An Online Examination Management System is an innovative solution that not just speeds up the examination process and enhances functionalities, but also maximizes cost savings.

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