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Safe City

AI-Based Predictive Policing

Predictive Policing Solutions

Safe City

Crime rates across the globe have registered a steady increase over the years. Furthermore, the booming population and innovative techniques employed by criminals are making it even more challenging to curb crimes. Therefore, law enforcement agencies need to be equipped with artificial intelligence-based predictive policing tools that help in predicting the likelihood of crimes. Safe City is GA Soft Tech’s app-based solution for policing units to combat crimes and criminal disruptions.

What is Safe City?

GA Soft Tech seeks to help law enforcement agencies counter crimes and criminal disruptions through Safe City – an app-based solution for predictive policing.

Faster Reporting

Safe City Faster Reporting

On-the-go reporting and online forms help beat police save time in reporting crimes and responding to them.

Faster Collaboration

Safe City Faster Collaboration

Promotes faster collaboration and sharing of crime locations between police units to tackle crimes effectively.

Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis - Safe City

One can gain crucial insights into crime prevention by using the platform for the in-depth analysis of criminal activities

Key Features of Safe City

Safe City is created from our vision to integrate the existing resources in a city with state-of-the-art technology to promote a swift and hassle-free integrated between various policing units. This app-based solution enables crime mapping and seeks to accelerate collaboration between various policing teams through quick field reporting.

Data Capture

The app helps monitor the working conditions of CCTVs across the city and the availability of security personnel. Also, offers a ready repository of criminal records and criminal backgrounds to law enforcement and investigation agencies.

Effective Patrolling

The Automatic Vehicle Locator feature identifies nearest police stations and enables real-time tracking of police personnel. The Google Earth™ integration enables replaying, reviewing & evaluation of best routes for quick assistance in emergencies.

Computer Aided Dispatch

The CAD module helps streamline the flow of emergency response teams and end-to-end monitoring of call progress for multiple/single jurisdictions. Visual/audio alerts offer real-time call updates on criminal histories, wanted persons, and warrants.

Crime Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard displays daily incidents & crime hotspots (on Google Maps™) on a single screen offering a quick overview of criminal activities. Police can easily apply filters and swiftly co-ordinate with team members.

PIN Mapping

Police can improve their department’s decisions over investigations through accurate mapping of the spot and regions involved in offenses. Safe City’s integrated systems empower intensive investigations and offer quick access to archived records.


The SOS feature of Safe City instantly alerts police in emergencies & facilitates the swift dispersal of the police unit. Plus, it enables the prompt maintenance of law & order during large-scale public events when police personnel is spread out over a large area.


How Safe City Benefits the Police?

  • Promotes their efficiency and productivity
  • Maximizes resource utilization
  • Increases the visibility of the officers in the community
  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Improves reporting accuracy and speed
  • Improves data-based analysis and decision support
  • Ensures greater safety during execution of duty
  • Enables scheduling of targets by shift, beat or day

Safe City

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