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nhance LMS Academic

Educate, Manage & Connect.

nhance LMS (Academic)

Conventional pedagogies are increasingly failing to deliver their objective of disseminating knowledge to the present generation of tech-savvy and students with limited attention span. Also, the upsurge in the ingress of students into educational institutions each year is making the learning management and administration more complex. Through our Learning Management System – nhance LMS – we seek to create a learning culture that stands for outcome-based learning and performance.

“Over 65% of educational institutions count online learning as critical for long-term educational success.”

Transform the Learning Experience Through Adaptive Learning

Every student has a different rate of assimilation, and a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Adaptive learning platforms have transformed teacher-student interactions by creating a more student-centric and personalized learning experience. With educators looking to enrich the academic experience, it has become imperative to customize instructions to meet students’ individual learning needs and interests.

“Choose Adaptive Learning to not just transform how students learn but also how educators teach.”

nhance LMS – A One-Stop Solution for an Institution

nhance LMS is our proprietary Learning Management System that seeks to deliver an effective, engaging and satisfying learning experience. The robust analytical reports generated by the nhance LMS platform enable teachers to monitor students’ progress and focus on areas that need more attention. With nhance LMS, trainers can create a roadmap and build courses according to the specific needs, abilities, and progress of every learner.

Our Key Differentiators


SCORM Compliant

A diverse content range that is SCORM compliant – SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.

Rich Content Key Differentiators of nhance LMS

Rich Content

Audience-specific content curated by SMEs to boost practical and pragmatic learning.

Device-agnostic_Key Differentiators of nhance LMS


Accessible on multiple devices to enable learning anytime, anywhere, and as per learner’s convenience.

Integration Key Differentiators of nhance LMS

Easy Integration

Simple interface and advanced API integration for easy assimilation with existing LMS.

Digitization Key Differentiators of nhance LMS


Conversion of content into a various digital format accessible via web & mobile platforms.

Connected Key Differentiators of nhance LMS


Connected classrooms and 24 X 7 connectivity to promote constant knowledge sharing.

Secure Key Differentiators of nhance LMS


Advanced 3-layer encryption for content security and IP protection on mobile devices.

Flexible-Deployment Key Differentiators of nhance LMS

Flexible Setup

On-premise or cloud deployment of learning content across multiple platforms and databases.

Key Features of nhance LMS

“In a survey, 86% of students believed they study more efficiently with tablets.”

Private Messaging & Chat

Student-teacher chat feature with the option to attach formulae, images, links & files.


Instant collaboration forum for students and teachers for knowledge sharing, problem-solving, etc.


Notifications for upcoming/pending tests, assignments, projects, progress level, and other events

Schedule Management

In-built calendar for cross-functional management and scheduling of tests, assignments, etc.


Gamified learning with challenges & analytics to make learning more engaging and fun.

Badges & Points

To recognize the learner’s achievement, and boost confidence and healthy competition.

Reports & Analytics

Intelligent algorithms provide a detailed analysis of progress, performance, strengths, and weaknesses.

Teacher Panel

Assessment of teaching progress through a performance analysis of the entire course/program for teachers.

Learning On-the-go

Continuous access to learning content by students even without an internet connection.

Assessment On-the-go

Students can take tests on-the-go with instant result generation and rigorous self-assessment.

Content Repository

Subject-wise content library in the form of pdf, ppt, videos, animations, online tests etc.

Advanced Management

Option for teachers to create tests, assignments, sequential learning plans, etc.

Content Digitization

Conversion of content, questions or booklets into the web, tablet and mobile-ready format.

Content Security

Advanced 3 layer security to secure all online learning content and avoid online attacks.

Role Management

Custom role creation and user permissions; access to create, import and export members across multiple profiles


Streamlined academic management by instructors across various departments, levels, and programs.

nhance LMS Mobile App – Adding Mobility to the Learning Experience

At GA Soft Tech, we have been empowering educational institutions by personalizing the learning process
with our customizable, quick-launch mobile learning app – nhance LMS.

“In one study, games were found to help in raising average test scores by 91.5%.”

Consume Content Features of Academic Learning Management System

Consume Content

Consume content in a sequential order, read booklets, watch lecture videos, better visualization using animations and infographics.

Detailed Analytics Features of Academic Learning Management System

Detailed Analytics

Self & comparative analytics, speed & accuracy analysis, strength & weakness analysis, and progress monitoring.

Live Tests Features of Academic Learning Management System

Live Tests

Live tests with instant feedback to teachers and instant syncing of results; students can view rank list while sitting in the class.

Notifications Features of Academic Learning Management System


Students are notified of pending assignments, new content, answer on doubt; teachers are alerted on progress and doubts of students.

Interactive-Physical-Book Academic Learning Management System

Interactive Physical Book

Transform physical books into engaging and interactive content by scanning the QR code on the textbook.

Collaborative Academic Learning Management System

Collaborative Learning

Peers and teachers can participate in collaborative discussions on any topic or doubt, and problem-solving sessions.

Gamified Academic Learning Management System

Gamified Learning

Interactive game-based learning with rigorous analytics, run questions with hints, solutions in a game‐like environment.

Private-Messaging Features of Academic Learning Management System

Private Messaging

Non-intrusive chat function that requires definition of purpose to initiate a conversation between a student and a teacher.

nhance LMS (Academic)

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