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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Innovative Solutions for Skill Development & Training

Vocational Skills Training

The ever-evolving changes in the business environment have created a greater demand for skilled professionals who have the ability to collaborate, build and solve practical problems. In order to keep up with this demand, it is essential that the skill gap is bridged with resources having industry-specific, hands-on training. GA Soft Tech’s Vocational Skills Training Solutions focus on enhancing the practical skills and expertise of learners. Our vocational training solutions combine a collection of multimodal resources that support immersive, practical and flexible training needs.

Need for Vocational Training

“Not every family is blessed with the means to support higher education for their children.”

Socio-economic and gender disparity restrict the access of some individuals to formal education. This should not be the limiting factor to build a respectable career and secure a financially independent life.

Vocational Training provides individuals, often those lacking a full-time or formal education, the practical and industry-specific skills required to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for professionals skilled in a specific trade, craft or profession.

Our Offering

GA Soft Tech offers the widest array of scalable and customized learning solutions to foster Vocational Training. We leverage our proficiency in Learning Management Systems (LMS) to offer solutions that combine the best of blended learning, classroom training, and interactive learning methods.

  • Classroom Training
  • Video-based Learning
  • Animations & Media-rich Learning
  • Simulation-based Learning
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Mobile-based Learning

Our Key Differentiators

Off-the-shelf Courses

Specially curated, deployment-ready courses enable learners to gain practical skills and become more job-efficient.

Collaborative Learning

Engage learners with mentor-led training sessions that focus on practical and continuous development.

Customized Contents

Bespoke training content created by SMEs to target diverse learners with varying skill levels.

Learning Management Systems

Information and insights delivered in an effective, efficient manner with personalized LMS solutions.

Up-to-date Learning

Constant update of our solutions to be on par with transforming industry requirements.

Vocational Training

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