Retail Solutions

Leveraging Technology to Boost Brand Value & Drive Innovation

Retail Solutions

“Retail Solutions Leveraging Technology to Boost Brand Value & Drive Innovation”

The pace of innovations in the retail industry is experiencing an all-time high. Customers are increasingly looking forward to having a better and more dynamic experience. There is a need for constant evolution as the yesteryear’s innovations are now a farce. This has forced retail industries to constantly endeavor to stay ahead of the fierce competition in this sector by adopting the latest technologies in retail management– from machine learning to Internet of Things (IoT), in giving their customers a hassle-free and long-lasting experience.

Our Retail Management Solutions

We, at GA Soft Tech, seek to revolutionize a customer’s experience in the retail sector and streamline business operations for our clients by offering customized and off-the-shelf retail management applications and software. Our innovative solutions shall help you address the ever-changing consumer demands across all your sales channels.

Unified Platform

Enables clients to seamlessly manage their end-to-end business with minimum complexity and consistent data.

Flexible Deployment

Solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and cater to various retail segments.

POS Solutions

Applications offer modern architecture, comprehensive features and greater flexibility at all levels of POS.

Benefits of our Solutions

For the Supply Chain

  • Enables measurement of performance at every location
  • Flexibility to add stores and POS to the chain as per need
  • A complete overview of stock across the entire supply chain
  • Helps in the appropriate allocation of products to each location
  • Central platform for the product, promotion, and offer management
  • Central platform for control and administration of prices & products

For the Stores

  • The effective diminishing of stock-outs
  • Helps in curbing frauds and shrinkage
  • Ensures having the right set of products on offer
  • Effective management of a store’s staff members
  • POS integrated with up-selling and cross-selling tools
  • Helps in increasing foot-traffic from the online and loyalty stores

For the CEO

  • Enables steady response to a change
  • Promotes faster growth of the business
  • Lends a competitive edge to the business
  • Helps gain a complete control over the business
  • Maintain a bird’s eye view of the entire value chain
  • Cloud-enabled software for any time, anywhere business management

For the CFO

  • Enables better stock management
  • Reduces the costs of system management
  • Tools for a detailed balance sheet analysis
  • Better management of amounts payable and receivable
  • Consolidated view of business data enables better analysis
  • Provides an end-to-end and complete visibility of transactions

Retail Learning Management Solutions

The retail sector is faced with the problem of a high staff attrition rate. GA Soft Tech provides solutions for Learning Management in the retail sector that shall enable enterprises to curb this exodus to a great extent. We have the expertise to develop training content and provide an apt platform to drive retail training and education.

With our solutions for Learning Management, it is easier to appropriately skill existing and new human resources in a retail outlet using easy-to-access and mobile platforms. This enables the sales force and retail staff in better handling of customers, thus improving brand positioning and performance.

Key Differentiators

  • Joins the dots across the entire supply chain model
  • Enhances the proficiency in product knowledge
  • Acts as a common platform for learning and sharing
  • Helps effectively capture user experience
  • Helps communicate the brand value across all user categories
  • Assists in the empowerment of the workforce