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Human Capital Management

Human capital management has been a high priority of both emerging and large enterprises as they are the predominant assets for enterprise growth and profits. In today’s enterprise scenario, human capital management is integral part of any enterprise application. Moreover, availability of real-time information from enterprise applications in the hands of users and decision makers will align with current agile business settings.

Integrated Solutions (HR, Learning, PMS)

Enterprises having few or more legacy systems for recruitment, human resources management system, learning management, and PMS are nowadays moving towards a consolidated approach of integral HR system or complete talent management suite. These integrated systems are expected to provide vast array of features starting from entry to exit including management of their employee learning curves and performance management with additional features related to sales and marketing.

Enterprise Systems – Inherent and Current Challenges

The current challenges of enterprise data residing in multiple systems and users clinging to various systems for different purpose results in cumbersome operational challenges and also poses accessibility issues. Also, in evolving organization many of the applications and systems are built as they grew and hence it exists as non-integrated, multiple systems in different platforms. Nowadays, users are expecting a unique as well as unified experience while accessing any application. Considering all these inherent challenges, we have conceptualized and architected a time-tested enterprise application leveraging the power of mobility to give them the liberty to access application via mobile or web interface.

The main integral components covered by the application includes recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, learning empowerment to succession planning covering the entire phase of an employee life cycle.

The recruitment aspects cover the process right from initiation of new resource request or replacement, till screening of candidates through online/offline assessments, CV parsing, and on boarding. Upon login in as an employee he/she will use this integrated talent management suite for various employee self-services like leave balances, holidays, pays lips, referrals, profile, KRA-KPI’s, Form-16, appraisal letters, confirmation letters, and to store important digital assets (certificate copy, experience letters) etc.

Human Capital Management

Learning Ecosystem

The LMS will be a competency driven which is aligned to the PMS right from on boarding an employee to setting an expectation on his assigned job role, providing clear overview of career roadmap, succession planning and training assignments. The training need analysis can be conducted across the organization to arrive at training road map. The learning platform will be non-conventional and will address unique learning needs, supporting collaborative and social learning including gamification. At every juncture the management team can track learners progress and their performance in various self-learning and collaborative learning assignments.


Accessibility to application in upcoming BYOD culture, it should support anytime, anywhere. The proposed application will be a secured, mobility based solution which will sync with the central system and fetch the required data in real-time.


The application provides custom analytics and reports. HR, Business or Management team can pull or build custom reports for analysis pertaining to recruitment, competencies, training gaps, and learning progress which will provide ample business insights for decision making. Oracle Mobile Platform leverages Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure to expose enterprise applications and data as web services and RESTful API’s that allow easy integration between mobile apps and back-end systems. The same platform that customers now use to develop and maintain enterprise applications can also extended to develop, integrate, secure, deploy, and manage their mobile applications.

analytics and reports