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Skill Development

Working Age Population and Skill Shortage

India is likely to dominate the growth in the working-age population in Asia Pacific by 2050, billions will enter the job market as per UN reports. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) indicated that Asia-Pacific countries now have more working-aged people and fewer dependents than at any point in history which is considered as a springboard for growth. Over 280 million more people will enter the job market in India by 2050. The lack of skilled workforce is expected to hamper the economy if these working age population is not adequately skilled in line with industry expectations.

GA’s Approach for Skill Development Initiatives

Our training and learning technology team has strategized to contribute to fill the gap that exists in various sectors for the additional skilled work force required in various sectors like construction, retail, transportation logistics, automobile, and handloom. We have envisioned to align our services to contribute to the Nation’s skill development initiatives for Skill Assessment, Training Infrastructure, Scalable solutions for Training Delivery, and architect innovative learning platform to cater to the needs to various vocation education who has not undergone formal education.

Our Skill Development Model

Skill Development Model