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Secured Transcript Solution

Safeguarding certificates from counterfeiters

Academic certificates are of immense importance while pursuing admissions for higher studies or any job opportunity. Growing concerns in fake certificates are a serious issue that jeopardizes an individual’s chances of gaining entry into college, university or a secured job. Moreover, it destroys the integrity of both the individual as well as the institution.

Why Institutions face challenges in transcripts?

  • High student volume
  • Manual processing
  • Mishandling and misplacement of records
  • Security lapse of individual’s details
  • Lack of quick and easy verification mechanism
In addition to this, due to absence of fool-proof system for verification and validation of certificates, it provides ample opportunity for fraudsters to infiltrate and exploit the system. Inability to trace the owners for verification puts institutions in a difficult spot. To combat the current inherent challenges and to curb the issue of fake and duplicate certificates, GA’s comprehensive solution secures information and authenticity of certificates and documents. Our proprietary algorithm with secured process adopted provides a highly-secured solution for the certification process.

Secured transcription solution for brand protection and identity

Industry estimates state a 35% rise in fake certificate circulation which poses a threat to the leading institutions challenging their reputations. Our secured Transcript Solution features unique and proprietary designs that are customized for individual organization and encrypted with robust algorithms. The customized designs and proprietary algorithms with multiple level of security is impenetrable to hackers and hence safeguards privacy and identity of institutes. GA’s Secured Transcript Solution ensures a suite of security features that combat counterfeiting and invoke protection of brand identity through stringent verification and authenticity processes.

Our value proposition

GA is dedicated to the establishment of authentic and highly secured transcript mechanism. We ensure transparency, multi-level security, and robust algorithms to secure certificates and documents. Our value lies in our intensive services from the secure coding of papers to unique encryption to advanced security printing, to generation of verified and tamper-free documents. GA proposes to assist institutions in curbing counterfeit documents, and to preserve the institute’s reputation throughout.

Our Specialized Services for Transcript Security

To improve the brand identify of institutions and to increase their market visibility on global landscape, GA empowers institutions by offering these specialized services:

One Stop Solution Provider
GA has expertise in transcript security solution spanning end-to-end conceptualization, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and after sales service. Our expertise in embracing new technology with seasoned team of  innovative personnel ensure premium services and solutions for a holistic customer experience.

Design, Development and Print of Secure Papers
GA designs, develops and prints papers of variable date with inbuilt security features. The papers produced are both water and tear resistant. The papers have multiple levels of security that are tamper-proof.

Secure Envelopes
GA ensures complete security of vital documents. Our highly secured envelopes are developed with anti-tamper features that protect the documents within.

Track and Trace feature
Every secured document is embedded with track and trace features for easy verification and validation. The feature detects time stamps, geo tags, and traces the document’s issuers to validate authenticity.

On-spot Verification
Authorized personnel can verify authenticity of documents like student’s mark-sheets or certificates, from their mobile or any medium of access. They can generate reports of verified documents anytime, anywhere.

Multi-level security features

GA’s Secured Transcripts employs premium security features. The security features are deployed at several levels to provide a high intensity defence against counterfeiters. Each security feature is enabled as per the security requirements of a client.
Secured transcript - Multi-level security features

How institutions benefit from GA’s secured transcript solution

How institutions benefit from GA’s secured transcript solution

Preserving Brand Identity
An institution’s identity is of paramount importance in present competitive world. A serious case of counterfeiting can drastically influence and reduce the institution’s brand instantly. The implementation of GA’s Secured Transcript Solution safeguards an institute from infamy through identifying fake applicants, counterfeited documents and securing confidential student/institution details. From enrolment, application, to verification of certificates/documents, an institution can stay several steps ahead to counter any duplicity or forgery with the help of our Secured Transcript Solution.

Tailored Solutions
We believe in being proactive which is why, we anticipate and curate possible issues and prepare solutions for immediate action. Our research team works towards potential threats and incorporating these in these rollouts as security features. GA’s time-tested procedures help us understand client requirements thoroughly and devise appropriate solutions.  Our solutions are designed through implementation of state-of-the-art techniques for optimum results. They are cost effective and clients can enjoy a good return on investment.

Exclusive Security Feature
GA provides institutions with a globally first patented secured designs. Our customized 2D codes are encrypted with military grade algorithm –non-mathematical encryption that renders it unbreakable to hackers. Serial numbers along with other encryption methods are susceptible to an attack, but this strong military grade encryption is resistant to common mathematical pattern analysis thereby providing robust security against counterfeiters. It also reduces IT infrastructure by securing database records in the code.

Safe and Easy Access to Information
GA’s Secured Transcript Management Solution provides institutes access to critical information via a secured environment. Institutes can attain reliable, verified, and authentic information whenever required. Authorized subscribers can trace verified owners and retrieve authentic reports on demand.

Integrated Solution
Academic institutions gain a seamless integrated solution right from conception to production. GA’s Secured Transcript covers designing, development and print of verified and authentic documents. Every process undergoes rigorous validations before final confirmation and hence institutes avail all related services from GA hassle-free.