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Pharma and Healthcare


The Indian healthcare industry is pegged at US$ 100 billion worth which is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9 per cent to US$ 280 billion by 2020. The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is also striding ahead. It is the third largest and thirteenth largest, in volumes and value, respectively. India is also the largest provider of generic drugs on a global level. Indian generic drugs account for 20% volume of global exports. The Indian pharmaceutical industry size is expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025. The key market drivers are increase in consumer spend, continuous urbanization, and rise in healthcare insurance.

Our Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

Pharma and Healthcare Solutions

While Pharma and Healthcare industries are poised to take on the world, it is imperative that the organizations also employ global standard operations and practices to match their progress. To enable these success factors, GA provides cost-effective and customized solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to increase their market share and global competitiveness. Our solutions facilitate these organizations for sales force empowerment, compliance and regulatory related training, knowledge portals for patient education and physician continuous education, and co-creating innovative solutions in IoT.

Sales training solutions for pharma representatives

There is no doubt that sales are the driving force behind the growth of pharmaceuticals. Empowering the sales force in a dynamic and agile business setting makes the organization to stand out of competition as well as scale their business proposition in the global landscape.

with our strong domain expertise interspersed with right technology choices, we provide customized sales training solutions well-crafted for pharmaceutical sales professionals. The organizations inherent challenges and training requirements are factored in while developing the training solution leveraging our solution frameworks. GA provides comprehensive and flexible solutions that boost the overall sales force’s performance and goals. Our extensive training curriculum covers key topics in medical basics, pathology, mode of drug action and processes armors sales professionals for the real world. Practical guidance and practice sessions provide a holistic training experience.

Compliance training

With the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries forging their way into the global world, it is crucial that compliance protocols need to be followed diligently. Possessing a thorough insight and deep understanding of compliances and ensuring adherence at organization level is the need of the hour. Non-compliance incurs severe damages and hence our solution components helps organization enforce training interventions for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals in compliance training. Our subject matter experts document real-world cases, best practices, and solutions to enable the industry professionals to compliance-ready.

Knowledge portals for patient education

Knowledge portal solutions are for creating awareness for general public, positioning the, driving the patients towards evidence and data driven treatment options.

Integrated Solution Approach

Our patient education modules are designed to empower them for self-management of disease, equipping them to adhere to the treatment plans, and provide personalized medical updates based on their vitals and current therapeutic interventions.

Knowledge portals for patient education

Knowledge portals and continuing medical education for physicians

In present scenario, allocating time to acquire knowledge and collate relevant required information is really a challenge for the physicians. Healthcare practioners need to balance their practice time with acquiring industry updates and investing in continual medical education for effective treatment measures. Syndicating knowledge resources for improving their treatment efficacy and adopting global best practices would help healthcare practioners to empower their patients for various self-care practice in disease management.

Continuing education on for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals can

Our knowledge management solutions empower physicians with curated information in specializations covering industry updates, events (conferences, seminars), clinical trial studies, research publications, unique case studies, pod casts (video and audio), patient testimonials in their hand-held devices.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Our IoT solutions are architected to reduce and optimize healthcare cost, increase information availability for both physicians/patients, facilitate social collaboration for patient education, and collate data from connected devices for decision support and eventually empower physicians for treatment outcome.

Healthcare IoT Solutions