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Online Examination

There is a considerable surge in student enrolments in universities and colleges. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) increased from 0.7% in 1950 to 11% in 2007 and this figure is rapidly increasing year on year. With the influx of thousands of students every year, managing examinations becomes extremely exacting for administrators and candidates. To provide an apt solution for examination automation and implement online examination management system, our proprietary application (Nhance COE) streamlines the examination process, reduces manual effort, and generates quick results. Nhance CoE is an examination management software solution designed to provide a seamless examination process.

Nhance CoE as a Solution to Examination Management

Nhance CoE is an innovative solution developed as a result of working with various leading public and private universities. The name of the application was derived from one of its major functionality – “to ensure smooth functioning of Controller of Examination office thereby leading to increased efficiency.” From registration of candidates, setting examination venues, scheduling examinations, and to declaration of results – examination process is time-consuming and challenging for both administrators and candidates. Nhance CoE automates processes and empowers colleges, institutions and candidates with a range of services that optimize effectiveness and productivity in examination management.

Our home-grown application is used by leading educational institutions and universities and is well-crafted to be effectively used in higher education segment. Its modular suite of applications is designed to meet the current market requirements with a cost-effective model. Its highly flexible system and user-friendly interface highlight its ease of use.

What sets nhance CoE apart from the rest

Centralized user interface
Centralized user interface

Nhance CoE is a web-based application that simplifies access and use to administrators and candidates. The centralized user interface ensures complete ownership and security for operations.

Database-centric  Schema
Database-centric Schema

Nhance CoE is equipped with a well-defined Database-centric Schema that stores, manages and aggregates examination objects.

Real-time  Management
Real-time Management

Nhance CoE framework manages both online and offline examinations. It manages in real-time attendance, course regulations, verification of fee payments, and results with analytics.

On-demand  Result and Report Generation
On-demand Result and Report Generation

Nhance CoE is powered by a flexible reporting system that enables users to view and analyze the results on demand. It also generates reports related to conduction of exams, fee, candidate and cost details.

Specialized  Functionalities for Pre- and Post-Examination Process
Specialized Functionalities for Pre- and Post-Examination Process

The integrated platform of Nhance CoE supports and maintains the various departments related to pre- and post-examination process. It synchronizes communication and processes for accurate functioning.

How universities and institutions benefit using nhance COE

How universities and institutions benefit using nhance COE

Pre-examination Management

Nhance CoE application performs pre exam activities like:

  • Processing of application forms
  • Entry of subject and paper details with Minimum and Maximum marks of term exams
  • Preparation of Examination Time Table, Hall Ticket, center list, Report Generation etc.
  • Preparation of University eligible staff list for allocation of invigilator capturing the location preferences of staff
  • Design and generate Documents based on the client’s requirements

Post-examination Management

Nhance CoE performs post-examination activities like:

  • Entry of Sessional / Internal Marks (Received from Colleges, Text / Dbf files)
  • Entry of other inputs like Absenteeism, Unfair Means, Withhold cases.
  • Entry of Declarations regarding Percentage / Division
  • Edit list and correction for Marks and other Inputs
  • Correction to Name / Address etc.
  • Processing of Results (can be repeated after corrections, if required)
  • Processing/entry of re-evaluation request/marks obtained
  • Generation of Tabulation Register (Ledger)
  • Generation of Result withheld list, Mark sheet, Topper's List (Overall, Subject wise and category wise), Convocation List and Convocation Notices, Degree Certificates