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Online Assessments

Addressing the Assessment Needs of Higher Education

Assessments are no longer about the time-consuming process, piles of paperwork, manual evaluation process, and innumerable hassles associated with custom verification of individual assessment data. Maintaining equilibrium between all the processes and departments involved is a tedious task. The internet is the epicenter of today’s world of real-time and instantaneous assessment results. Availability of internet, access to connected devices, and advancement in cloud-based applications makes this solution possible with analytics and custom reports. Leveraging our core competencies in web-technologies and domain expertise in test delivery, we are able to deliver online assessment solution to institutions, universities, and training organization at ease.

Be it corporates, public sector, and educational institutions everyone is moving towards custom online assessment for recruitment screening, training evaluation, post training assessment and skill assessment solution. An Online Assessment solution optimizes time, effort, and results seamlessly.

Cloud-based Online Assessment

Our cloud based examination management system is built on sound test delivery practice, equipped with sophisticated tools that ensure an effortless medium of assessment for administrators, students and professionals. Among its major features are Member creation with dynamic role allocation, Question Bank creation adhering system, and Question Paper Authoring. That’s not all, Nhance Evaluator also tracks evaluation grades, generates intensive reports and intelligent data analytics.

Our home-grown application is used by leading educational institutions and universities and is well-crafted to be effectively used in higher education segment. Its modular suite of applications is designed to meet the current market requirements with a cost-effective model. Its highly flexible system and user-friendly interface highlight its ease of use.

Our Solution Highlights

  • Varied Question formats: Multiple choice questions, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, numerical, short answers, match the following, Hotspot
  • Security locked Question papers: Question papers are locked with a password to avoid misuse
  • Flexibility: Application allows or prevents question review, changing, and re-attempting the questions
  • Alternatives: Alternatives for assessment modes such as grading, ranking, reporting etc. are available
  • Easy integration: The assessment engine is integrated with an individual's profile so individuals can easily monitor their performance
  • Premium Support: We provide premium support backed by our team of seasoned professionals.

Online Assessment Workflow

Online Assessment Workflow

High-level Process - Online Assessment

The Online Assessment Workflow has a workflow which can be customized to needs of individual organization.

1. Creation of Centre Administrator: The Super Administrator begins the online assessment process by creating Center Administrators.

2. Creation of Test Center: Next, the Super Administrator creates the test center where the assessment will be conducted.

3. Registration of Candidates: Candidates register themselves for the online assessment either in this portal or integrated via other portal.

4. Mapping of Test Center with Candidates and Center Administrator: The Super Administrator sets the mapping and assignment of the Test Center to candidates and the Center Administrator.

5. Question Bank Upload: The Super Administrator uploads the question bank and sets categorization and difficulty level.

6. Template Creation: The Super Administrator creates a Template for the Online Assessment once the question bank is set.

7. Assessment Creation: After the creation of Template, the Super Administrator creates the Assessment.

8. Question Paper View: The Question paper is ready for viewing.

9. Assessment Schedule: The Super Administrator sets the schedule for the assessment.

10. Assessment Password Generation: The Center Administrator sets the Password Generation for the Assessment.

11. Re-schedule Test: In case of any incident, the Center Administrator re-schedules the assessment for an individual candidate or for the entire batch.

12. Candidates take up Assessment: On the scheduled date and venue, the candidates take up their online assessment.

13. Assessment Result: Candidates can view their assessment results after generation of results.

Our Key Differentiators

PAN India Test Center Network
We have an extensive network of Test Centers in India across leading cities. Online Assessments are conducted in highly specialized, secure, and technological equipped test centers.

Customizable Framework
The application provides a range of customizable features that can be integrated using our framework. This ready-reckoner framework enables simplified management of assessment in accordance with your requirements.

Our system is built to easily configure and adapt to custom needs. You have the control to modify, enhance or optimize the platform based on specific test requirements.

Comprehensive Application Suite
The online assessment engine combines powerful suite of applications to set a systematic, intuitive and accurate process for customized results.

Flexible Deployment Model
Considering the needs of every institution or university, we offer any of these options that best suits their assessment requirement.

  • Cloud-based
  • On-Premise
  • Hosted model

Mobile Enabled Assessments

Our online assessment also has a default app designed for smartphones. Users can easily access their accounts on the go. The mobile version is synchronized with the web portal so clients always receive updated information.