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nhance MDM

Mobile devices are profoundly used both academic and enterprise setting. Smartphones and tablets are becoming the first-choice device from many users at the same time it entitles access to lot of proprietary information. Data and content security is more challenging due to the exponential use of devices and various integrations layers and access security guidelines in business setting. Managing the tracking devices are becoming more complex with the ubiquitous nature of devices, version, platforms. Predominant corporate entities provide access to their enterprise data and insights via mobile devices and it also poses a significant threat to the information security and corporate security. Also in academic setting the concept of BYOD and one device per child has also provided access to all the complete features of devices which might need be needed from a learning stand point.

Our largest deployment includes managing and tracking 450,000 mobile devices through the state of the art MDM software for Ministry of Education, Malaysia.


Our nhance MDM solutions supports heterogenous devices and enables organization and enterprises to enables businesses to address the challenges on device management and device security. nhance MDM provides a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices a central dashboard.

MDM solution for managing and controlling your user’s devices.

nhanceMDM solution for managing and controlling your user’s devices.


  • Customizable based on device policy of organization
  • Enable secure access to enterprise content and resources
  • Central console and self-servicing portal
  • Integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure
  • Support employee, corporate-owned and shared devices
  • Gain visibility across mobile device deployment
nhanceMDM Benefits