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Empowering indian students and learners for global competition

English has become the primary language of communication around the world. Globalization has been one of the key factors in employing English in daily parlance. English is a universal language used in workplaces, banks, airports, educational institutions and across all sectors. English bridges the communication gap between global communities easily.

While English is the major medium of education in India, Indian students fall short of competencies expected at the global level. Though we have young students and working age population with innovative ideas, their valuable insights and competence fail to come through due to their inability to accurately express their ideas in English. It is imperative therefore for individuals to have a good grasp over the English language so that they can capitalize on lucrative opportunities and communicate their ideas with others.

GA recognizes the need of a specialized module that imparts good English Language skills to academic and Government institutions. GA supplements this need through the Nhance Language Lab. Nhance Learning Lab is a customized blended learning program which fulfills the purpose of delivering English training innovatively. It is focused on helping learners acquire global level English language proficiency.

nhance Language Lab

nhance Language Lab - OVERVIEW

Nhance Language Lab is an offshoot from our innovative education solutions exclusively for the Indian chapter to equip students for global competence. Nhance Language Lab is built on the LSRW (Listen Speak Read Write) framework. The LSRW design ensures a 360° exposure to practical usage of English which is globally practiced and accepted. Learners are also trained in functional language skills that they can implement in daily dealings at home, office, or overseas.

The Nhance Language Lab encourages learners to participate and communicate in English as it has predominant practice sessions which attributes mainly for the success for this product. It also instills in learners the confidence to communicate with clarity and accuracy. Consistent evaluations, global level curriculum, enabling and empowering language facilitators, and innovative methodology are prime features of the Nhance Language Lab.

The method behind nhance learning

Nhance Learning Lab implements a Blended Learning methodology for a balanced and engaging learning environment. The Blended Learning methodology involves an ideal mix Instructor Led Teaching (ILT) and Computer Based Training (CBT) for this intended curriculum.

ILT offers a human touch to learning through instructors who mentor learners through the classes. Concepts are introduced in the ILT session with the instructor structuring the sessions, motivating learners to participate, and guiding them through exercises. Nhance Language Lab has all the preset ILT materials for the instructors to handle the session with ease delivering and customizing according to the student groups.

CBT is an approach to reinforce learning and enable participants with practical exercises for learners. CBT assists learners in understanding concepts at their own pace. Learners can practice and view their learning progress development in real-time. Instructors can also monitor their progress. CBT lets learners track and resolve problem areas and help them advance through reinforced practice.

Content Features

GA’s expertise in technology and language content development is well crated for academics as well as Government entities:

  • Development of content after extensive years of research in education
  • Designed to improve language skills of learners to sync with global standards
  • Graphics and illustrations for sustaining interest and attention of learners
  • Multiple practice sessions for learners to adopt the language
  • Continuous feedback through regular assessments
  • Content covers Pronunciation, Intonation, Vocabulary, Listening, Speech sounds, Fluency and Grammar

Learner Levels


The Nhance Language Lab segregates the learners based on their proficiency levels and provides learning path to suit the level for learners.


This level is for learners new to the English language. They are introduced to the basics, vocabulary and structures to build their base in the language.


The intermediate level focuses on speech sounds, pronunciations, accent correction, and voice modulation. Accuracy in grammar is also implemented at this level. This level brings out the learner’s fluency in speaking English.


The Advanced level aims to enhance learner’s communication skills. This is done through free speech, role plays, activities and interaction. Learners participate in group discussions, mock interviews, and prepare presentations to build their overall competence in English communication.


The key points that set GA’s Nhance Language Lab apart are:

  • Proven experience in the field
  • Globally accepted learning framework
  • Partnership with industry leaders
  • Robust delivery models
  • World class infrastructure


The learning outcome from Nhance Language Lab has shown tremendous positive results from its leading implementation in premier institutions. Some of them are:

  • Transformation of English learning adaptation through engaging blended learning approach
  • Increased trainee interest in learning English due to rich multimedia content
  • Increases student confidence in English communication through self-paced learning, allowing learners to learn complete modules until they are sure of their competence
  • Personalized and careful attention of teachers for every student to help resolve issues
  • Empowers one on one learning experience by facilitating remote monitoring of students by instructors
  • Promotes sharing resources and references through file sharing between instructor and learner
  • Enables proficiency of students in four core English communication areas - listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Inbuilt with 1000+ vocabulary software for easy and quick learner access
  • Prepares students to confidently face corporate environment or interviews