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Network and Security Services

Securing, managing and delivering robust networks

Network and Security Solutions in an Evolving World

Network and Security are two integral elements of today’s digital world. Businesses are rapidly scaling up their processes, setting innovative transformations and in turn, reinforcing their IT infrastructure. Growth and innovation in businesses brings along with it the critical need for network management and security.

The business environment is rapidly changing and so are business processes. In keeping in line with business evolution, networks are vulnerable to a security breach. It is imperative to manage network security that safeguards IT infrastructure – the stronghold of business growth.

GA’s Networking and Security Services provide a range of network security services to identify and resolve threats, establish accurate infrastructure optimization tools, and design a robust and secure framework. We are aware of the security concerns arising in the market and offer cutting-edge networking security that stabilize and strengthen business infrastructure.

We maintain your networking framework by syncing it with intelligent technologies that match your business goals, compliance and security objectives. We design an intricate networking security framework that stops malicious infiltration.

We are committed to safeguarding all our esteemed client’s infrastructure and networks by employing intensive security solutions. Educational institutions have an exhaustive database of sensitive and private details of students and staff. This data is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The influx of electronic gadgets within educational campus grounds make them open to malwares, viruses and malicious applications. Firewalls, data security implementation and risk assessment aid in preserving security and privacy of the institution and its stakeholders.

Organizations too face a tremendous amount of security threats. With employees coming and going, and customers and partners accessing latest trends, the need for regular observation on privacy and data is essential. GA’s service in this area helps to expand an organization’s visibility over assets and sensitive data by reducing complexity involved in firewall management. We analyse and update existing network security framework. We maintain an active management of the firewall to minimize security breach.

GA’s advanced network security service detects threats in real-time through intuitive intelligence system. Quick response and counter-action is taken to prevent any damage to the network and infrastructure. Our layered architecture further safeguards data from persistent attacks.


IT Infrastructure Network Services and Consulting
IT Infrastructure Network Services and Consulting

Every business has a goal. Every business goal has a strategy. Every strategy begins with planning and support. We at GA, assess, plan and strategize services that meet your business goal. We include your IT and application requirements along with identifying gaps that need to be closed. We assist in creating a responsive and flexible IT infrastructure that align with your business objectives. GA provides lifecycle network consulting service that leverages optimization and transformation across business verticals. We prepare a roadmap that implements design, integration and technology implementation and which are synced to business goals.

Network Services for Higher Education
Network Services for Higher Education

Education is essentially a business in disguise. It is a powerhouse where knowledge is shared between multitudes. Just like any organization, higher educational institutes are connected to several resources and networks. Colleges and universities run the risk of being accessible through open networks laying bare open personal information and intellectual data among others. GA provides educational institutions a secure, reliable, and scalable network. Our educational networks support latest technologies and applications that sync with the institution’s requirements. We constantly evaluate and implement new technologies that support an institutions infrastructure. GA designs cost-effective networks that simplify infrastructure deployment and operations while providing impetus to automated service. We understand the need for robust connectivity which is why we offer conceptualized suite of services: LAN/WAN management, WLAN management, VoIP, Network Security Services, Implementation Services for a thorough network service that covers all bases.

How Do We Help?

  • Assess existing infrastructure and align requirements as per business objectives
  • Configure and optimize technologies for greater efficiency and complete security
  • Create responsive and agile integrated systems
  • Map your network for visibility

Implementing network security management

Network Security Management is a crucial element for institutions and businesses. Regular monitoring and maintenance preserves the optimal processing of operations, bolsters security, and updates the system. GA implements Network Security Management for clients to detect, analyse, remediate and improve network issues.

We hand-hold you through Network Planning, design, and inventory management and grievance redresses. We strive to provide you an efficient, cost-effective and flexible technology infrastructure that is monitored by our network security management in order to help you focus on your business growth drivers and priorities.

Network Management Services:

  • Maintaining Network Architecture
  • Configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Eliminating bottlenecks
  • Proactive preventive steps
  • WAN Network Management (routing, optimization)
  • LAN management (Campus management)