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In the age of information technology predominant businesses are backed by IT System. However, managing these services becomes a humungous task for customers especially for non-IT players. It needs considerable investments and efforts spanning IT expertise, manpower, and time. Managing these services for these customers helps them to focus on their core services rather than channelizing their energies in managing back end IT Infrastructure.

GA’s Managed IT services caters to managing all your IT requirements with reliable outcome and timebound services to keep your business on the move. We align your current and future business requirements and provide suitable approaches to scale your operations at ease. Our wide range of services spanning hardware, software or services enables you to focus customer to target their core focus on their domain and business without encountering IT infrastructure as a challenge. GA’s Managed IT service covers scalability, appropriate solutions, comprehensive support and cost-effective support. We transform and support your business through our end-to-end Managed IT services.

Our value proposition lies in maximizing the infrastructure value of your business to create a domino effect on all business operations and processes. An invincible business – that’s our aim for your organization.

GA’s Support in Overcoming Customer Challenges

With deadlines fast approaching, projects to be completed, and new strategies to be implemented, managing IT in the midst of these tasks lowers productivity and efficiency for most organizations.

GA’s Managed IT Services with its integrated framework can help overcome the following challenges:

Our integrated Managed IT services optimize IT operations in a business’s infrastructure, applications and security. We help align IT operations to your business processes.

Infrastructure Management

A smart, intelligent, efficient and cost-effective technology infrastructure can make all the difference to a business. A well developed and maintained infrastructure helps business prioritize on game changing processes for the organization. Our Infrastructure management practice assists leading businesses in improving productivity, delivering high performance value, and increasing growth momentum.

GA’s Infrastructure Management delivers high value to business through end-to-end IT infrastructure management services. With specialized capabilities, we endeavor to offer automation tools for daily operations, ready integration facility with existing tools, strong network security to counter intrusions and anti-virus, error database for quicker issue resolution, and world class practices.

Application Management

Applications are the core for any business setting. Business rely on web applications to track business operations, maintain records, manage administrative processes, manage inventory, sell products and services while processing analytic reports. Business transformations are brought through a robust set-up of applications. It is therefore imperative that they are managed well for optimum functioning.

GA’s Application Management provides a suite of services from application analytics and insights, proposed transitions for better result yields, proactive maintenance, customized management modules, and transition improvement steps.

Our Application management assists businesses in automated platforms for self-help services that promote prompt and in-time action. Our database of recognized errors along with solutions enables faster issue resolution. Instant alerts through our integrated management system instantly indicate a problem area to resolve. Identify root cause problems and eradicate them while maintaining business protocol and enhancing business processes.

Service Highlights

Our Service Highlights encompass: