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Innovative Learning Solutions


India’s education system is one of the largest in the world. It has over 1.4 million schools, 35,500 colleges and 600 universities. While global education is progressing by leaps and bounds its highly important to prepare the students for an entrepreneurial and innovative future. Traditional learning techniques of a blackboard, textbook recitation, and rote by memory examinations are redundant in 21st century learning. Contemporary learning techniques like Education Technology (EdTech), Flipped classroom, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and gamified learning approaches are being implemented across the globe. It is time for Indian academic institutions to revolutionize learning for students by adopting and integrating innovative learning solutions.

GA’s approach of providing the right set of digital learning tools with apt learning environment promote knowledge creation and to develop entrepreneurial ready individuals. We help L&D to adopt new age learning solutions like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Interactive 3D solutions, Simulations, Gamification, and Mobile learning to provide a holistic learning experience for workforce development. Unlike traditional educational methods, these innovative learning solutions are architected to define custom learning paths based on individual learning styles. Innovative learning approaches prepares students and employees for the future work environment. The current dynamic changes in the work arena also requires continual skill upgradation to cope up with the trends.

GA’s Innovative Learning Solutions

GA has a host of digital learning tools and frameworks to help organizations adopt innovative learning solutions for learning purpose. All our solution approaches are created to sync with the learning needs, learning environment, and expected learning outcome.

Following are the list of current offering in our Innovative Learning Solution.

Education Meets Augmented and Virtual Reality

Knowledge creation and acquisition is the central theme for any education or skill impartation. Utilizing augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) creates an immersive learning atmosphere for learners and hence they will become an integral part of the learning session. It allows them to interact and visualize in a 3 Dimensional environment and enrich their learning experience. Augmented and virtual reality empowers learners with a close to real-time exposure.

Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions by GA:

  • Custom content based AR and VR solutions
  • AR and VR curation and library for faster access
  • Interactive Walkthroughs
Education Meets Augmented and Virtual Reality

Interactive 3D Solutions

Animation captures the instant attention and interest of learners also providing them a rich media experience. Interactive learning approach in 3D environment generate higher learning retention, , interaction and easy understanding for the learners. Multimedia rich learning content using 3D graphics, interactive presentations, and interactive videos are increasingly consumed by learners nowadays. Interactive 3D solutions prompt students to be an active participant of learning.

Interactive 3D solutions by GA:

  • 3D interactive learning content
  • 3D animation videos and interactive PDFs
Interactive 3D Solutions

Imparting Skill and Knowledge in a Simulated Environment

A simulated environment always offers the learners a chance to learn and perform a particular task in a realistic setting. Simulations provide ample option and suitable learning environment for students to apply their skills and knowledge as a result of their learning experience. Moreover, they can very well emulate the real-life experience while performing these activities in a simulated environment. Simulations to a larger extent develop and strengthen a learners’s application of knowledge. Contextualized simulations engage and sharpen learners understanding and enable them to attempt resolving problems in real-time.

Simulation solutions by GA:

  • Simulated environment based on learning content
  • Concept-based simulations
  • Domain specific highly interactive simulations for L&D professionals
Imparting Skill and Knowledge in a Simulated Environment

Learning through Games

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” The archaic phrase suits the educational environment of today. Inclusion of games both in the classroom learning and enterprise segment help learners to learn with engaging concepts. Gamification is increasing adopted nowadays in L&D segment to ideally merges gaming and learning. Learners gain knowledge through playing challenging learning oriented games. Game-based learning promotes healthy competition, high retention of learning concepts, team collaboration, role-playing, talent and knowledge development, skill enhancement, and efficient accomplishment of tasks. Education through games encourages learning in a fun and exciting environment. Accomplishing tasks and challenges, winning badges and levels, receiving special rewards, and high scores motivate and engage students thoroughly. Application of gamification eventually involves motor and sensory skills thus equipping individuals for overall learning outcomes at workplace.

Game-based learning solutions by GA:

  • Customized game-based learning solutions
  • Single/Multiplayer games
  • App-based Games
  • Simple games mapping to Learning Objects
Learning through Games

Mobile Learning

The current generation is aptly called ‘the smartphone generation’ as predominant users are well acquainted with Smartphones, iPads, Tablets. As the users are well connected to the world through their smartphones, mobile learning through mobile learning applications helps learners engage and collaborate outside of school or college or even work environment. Learners now wish to access learning content, information and seamlessly sync their devices leading to learning on the go. Mobile learning is a convenient and effective option for reinforcement and refresher learning.

Mobile learning solutions by GA:

  • Learning applications designed for smartphones and tablets framework
  • Online and offline access to learning applications
  • Customized mobile applications according to learning specification
  • Synchronization with web applications and devices
Mobile Learning

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