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The growth as well as competition in the Hi-tech industry is fierce. Clients are demanding, product innovation is on the rise, and mounting pressure of margins, quality processes and deadlines leave little or no time for employees to develop their knowledge, skills and portfolio. Moreover, there is a raising need for ready-to-work resources with the required skillset to deliver in new and emerging technologies. Technology-savvy clients expect instant and reliable information at all times. Employees need to be equipped with the right set of learning and skills to match client’s expectations. They need immediate access to knowledge and information to deliver successfully.

We are well equipped to provide the right set of tools, technologies, and resources for empowering the learning and development vertical of hi-tech segment.

Client Challenges

  • Not flexible learning framework to customize the learning paths for changing job roles and requirements.
  • Lack of collaborative learning environment.
  • Aligning content consumption based on demand.
  • Making learning content available anytime, anywhere.

Video and App-based Solution for IT Training

We provide a blended approach for imparting IT Skills on scale leveraging the video-based training and App-based training. This is a perfect fit for workforce development whether there is limitation on time but we need to scale and allow users to learn at their own pace and convenience anytime, anywhere. Learning through video-based and app-based formats seems to be a viable training option for organizations. The lectures session of trainers and software demonstrations will be delivered as engaging video nuggets. The video content prepared are concise, crisp, and easily accessible making it easy for content consumption. Organizations also have the option to conduct learning sessions through applications specifically designed for the particular course. App-based learning is more of a reinforcement option and refresher which is convenient and user-friendly option. It allows for learning to be accessed at one’s own pace.

Virtual Labs

Skilling resources on large scale that too with niche application needs the required infrastructure, application and all the necessary tools. Its cumbersome to invest these just for training purpose as it would increase the capex. Also, providing adequate practical exposure is very essential in all application related training to equip the resources. Hence, we provide them with virtual lab solution to practice in various application environment (Oracle, SAP, Java Technologies). Virtual Labs is a unique solution for employees to access training and practice their learning in a virtual setting through a web and browser without the need to install all the robust application with server setup for their practice sessions. It affords them a platform where they can attend virtual lessons, interact in real-time and get a hands-on experience of the training they receive.

Knowledge Management Platform

GA’s Knowledge Management Platform is a centralized repository of training material, case studies, learning and information that organizations can access and use in their training initiatives. Organizations can easily manage the training resources on the Knowledge Management Platform and also an effectively capture, manage, and share tacit knowledge. The Knowledge Management Platform also connects every individual in the organization. It enables quick sharing of knowledge and promotes collaborations between teams in a secure setting. The interactive interface creates a network of content rich conversations among employees. Workflow is seamlessly integrated for easier and faster processing.

Application Training Solution

Technology is undergoing fundamental changes around the globe and we see organizations quickly adapting to new platform than ever before. GA’s Application Training solution is exclusive created to equip organizations with practical and customized training to leverage technologies for optimum performance and results. GA offers holistic training services from designing, development and implementation of application training.