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Knowledge Management

Why Knowledge Management?

Almost every organization recognizes that it needs to capture critical knowledge available within the resources, systems, processes but many do not know where to start or how to select the best approach for a given scenario. In most organization, now there is a huge number of experienced professionals are retiring from leading PSU’s and Government entities. These resources carry with them a great knowledge pool which can be leveraged and channelized to provide viable guidance and solution to the succeeding teams. Capturing and managing knowledge especially from domain experts and highly skilled resources is challenging for large organization and it is not captured at the right time. Our KM practices and approaches helps organization to capture tacit knowledge through our KM framework. We adopt right KM tools to capture the knowledge and consult how to handle unstructured data and disseminating it for the right audience.

KM Solutions for Government and Allied Organization

Knowledge Management (KM) improves the ability of organizations to solve problems better, adapt, evolve to meet changing business requirements, and survive disruptive changes like staff turnover. KM practice allows organizations to be more efficient by bringing together needed expertise and knowledge on demand breaking through the hierarchies. Most importantly, effective knowledge management is now recognized to be 'the key driver of new knowledge and new ideas' to the innovation process, to new innovative products, services and solutions. In most large organizations with structured process and departments, knowledge gained and lessons learned are not always shared across the organization. In other words, some people may know the solution to a particular problem, but the organization as a whole may not be aware. This can lead to loss of critical knowledge when staff leaves, and for inefficient practices to remain despite better solutions being available. Modern organizations need to build a new culture that promotes knowledge sharing and constant learning while preserving and recording appropriate information. This is essential in order for internal knowledge to be effectively retained and enhanced.

KM Implementation Approach

GA adopts the following implementation approach in a customized fashion based on the needs of individual Government organization.
Knowledge management Implementation Approach