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The capture and imaging of paper records, is an increasingly accepted phenomenon for Government and Administrative units and offices looking to manage their records electronically. When implemented appropriately, digitization of records can dramatically improve workflow through access and retrieval of any official records; while at the same time reduce the need for physical records storage space.

Due to lack of digitization, leading government entities are dumped with huge manual work and is unable to find out solution to expedite the work process in order to clear the entire backlog assigned to them. Currently there are different stakeholders involved in the work process and all these stakeholders may not work with a centralize system and hence they don’t interact or exchange information with rest stakeholders which leads to delay and ultimately the entire work process is affected. The lack of digitization of records is major cause for lack of single platform to collaborate and exchange information across different stakeholders in the organization.


Our Digitization Services

GA SoftTech offers a full range of scanning services to a number of prestigious worldwide customers including several European Government agencies. We have the dedicated team of resources, technology and expertise to scan from wide variety of sources to any type of image formats. GA SoftTech has proven expertise in Scanning, Indexing & archiving valuable public records such as life event registrations and census record manuscripts dating back to the early 16th century for National Archives, Genealogy companies and Universities & Libraries and other repositories of historic content around the world. GA SoftTech Scanning Lab is equipped with book scanners to scan up to A1 size, Flatbed scanners, Book scanners with V cradle for delicate books, ADF scanners and Microfilm, Microfiche & Aperture card scanners that scan from 100 – 600 DPI Optical resolutions.

Our digitization services cover the end-to-end formats and requirements as shown.

digitization services

Key Expectations from Digitization of records

Our Best Practices in Digitization