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Data Center Service – The Backbone of Business Success

Data Center Landscape

Businesses are increasingly innovating, expanding their services as well as their customer base. The dynamic market landscape demands businesses to employ dynamic and light applications, maintain exhaustive data, and synchronize communication processes. A strong Data Center is essential in supporting innovation, improving business responses and driving transformation in organizations. Enterprises are looking to leverage opportunities through a reliable and dependable data center solution that stores, computes, distributes and safeguards data.

GA has a broad portfolio of Data Center services that optimize infrastructure and provide intelligent solutions that support innovation while maximizing return on investment (ROI). Our integrated Data Center service is based on years of rich and intensive experience in managing complex and critical infrastructure environments. Service delivery is automated for timely response and action for monitoring and administrative management of tools/applications. Our seasoned personnel consolidate their extensive experience to provide dependable solutions and international customer support that complement your Data Center requirements.

GA offers three core specialized services in this regimen: Data Center Consulting, Cloud Computing Solutions for Higher Education, and setting up Data Centers.

Consultative approach for business scalability

GA’s Data Center Consultation Service group empowers your businesses with comprehensive consulting for the entire life-cycle from primary consultation, assessment, design, strategy and set-up till implementation. For existing data centers, we add value and bring in our expert guidance through auditing and evaluation, and upgrades to optimize operations and technology applications. GA’s consultative approach assesses your business to offer solutions aligned to your business functions. Our Data Center Consulting solutions are scalable, enhances interoperability, modernizes infrastructure and propels your business to reach your ultimate goals.

Cloud computing solutions – higher education and universities

GA provides cost-effective and flexible data center solutions foreseeing the needs of higher education and universities.

Cloud computing solutions – higher education and universities

Our Data Center solutions for managing the entire application ecosystem and complete computing resources are managed to provide these high-end benefits to various stakeholders.

Setting up data centers for success

GA has immense experience in setting up Data Centers for organizations. We understand the importance of a well-designed data center that addresses the need for computing, business performance, storage and security. Our team assists you in the entire life cycle from start to implementation of Data Center setup. We assess, determine, and proposed suitable and best location for your Data Center. Our solutioning team proactively approaches and provides attention to the integration of components and storage in line with the proposed architecture. Emphasis on efficiency and security is embedded in our Data Center design and set-up. Our preliminary as well as post-setup support enables optimal business process functioning that empower your organization to succeed.

Benefits of our Data Center Implementation