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Cloud Services

Scale Up with our Cloud Services

The global business landscape has seen a panoramic transformation in recent times. The game-changing transformation is the mighty Cloud. Everyone from corporate organizations, enterprises, and academic institutions among others are adopting cloud as a practice to innovation and growth and scalability. Cloud offers businesses the flexibility to diversify and extend capabilities. It is a catalyst to efficiency and productivity of an organization. Cloud imparts to businesses the freedom from developing and maintaining application architecture.

GA’s Cloud Service empowers businesses with state-of-the-art cloud environment that enhances information technology capabilities, minimizes primary investments and hardware infrastructure costs, and secures customized cloud solutions for current and future business development.

GA employs a collaborative approach to extend flexible, reliable and scalable cloud service solutions.

We work in tandem with our clients to ensure precise identification of specific technological solutions that support cloud strategy and regulatory parameters.

Tapping into the power of cloud hosting

GA has a suite of products designed to enhance business capabilities for optimal performance. Our cloud service, acts as an exponent to our proprietary products, to deliver an exclusively calibrated, flexible, cost-efficient platform to client for maximum traction value.

We understand the complexities that arise out of transitioning to cloud and employ our Cloud Hosting Service for clients to easily tap into their service and product repository. All our proprietary applications and products are hosted on the Cloud for easy and flexible access by clients.

Our cloud hosting service envelops a robust and secure network of servers for optimal operations, access, and utility. GA’s Cloud Hosting Service provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). We, at GA are focused on providing our clients complete satisfaction in all areas.

Based on your choice (private, public or hybrid cloud service), we are ever ready to synchronize your needs by securing your preferred choice of services.


Partnering with Leaders

We endeavour to service our clients with leading technologies and platforms for global attuned services. Amazon, IBM Soft layer and Microsoft Azure are our esteemed cloud partners who assert technological independence, authentic and varied partnership system, and innovative cloud strategy. Their global presence foster greater networks and opportunities for quality and robust security in Cloud Service.

Amazon AWS

Amazon powers a suite of cloud-computing services that focuses on an on-demand computing platform. It offers a Web Hosting Service for clients that is highly scalable and cost-effective. With more than 70 services under its belt, Amazon includes primary services such as storage, database, application services, deployment, analytics and networking. It assists in Hybrid IT architecture that extends on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Its elastic cloud computing infrastructure enables businesses to expand or decrease functionalities as per requirement. Their global reach ensures data centres distributed across geographies.

IBM Softlayer
IBM Softlayer

Customization of cloud server configuration, flexibility, and superior performance value are integral in IBM Softlayer. Softlayer is a virtual server equipped with premium capabilities for powerful organizational performance. Virtual servers are integrated into a seamless, automated platform that enhances performance. Their suite of innovative features is built for performance acceleration and high optimization. An extensive network repository, security solutions, constant support, and system management features intensify efficiency and seamless performance.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure combines quality features for a cloud service that is indefinitely holistic. Business’s existing IT can be easily integrated with Azure, keeping your assets easily accessible. Businesses can create infinitely scalable developed and packaged applications and service to its cloud. Microsoft Azure curbs downtime of applications during crashes and redirected traffic. Automatic updates keep applications secure and maintained regularly. Their pay as your scale model lets you pay as per your usage of the service. Their huge global footprint provides plenty networking options that aid in smooth business innovation and development.


  • Significant reduction of operational issues
  • Optimum resource utility
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Range of storage option – Public, Private, or Hybrid
  • Easy accessibility to services
  • Streamlined processes
  • Assistance in global collaboration
  • Gain competitive edge
  • Backup and robust security