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Capacity Building

GA’s Capacity Building Initiatives – Digital India

Georgia Software’s senior management and core team is poised to contribute to the capacity building initiatives for spurring the growth of Indian Government sector. In line with the Digital India program aimed at ‘transforming India into a digitally Empowered society and Knowledge economy’, we have streamlined our handpicked products/services to cater to this vision. We envision that our strategic services should cater to benefit every section and sector of the country. Our capacity building initiatives in a limited time and at a scale can only be possible by leveraging technology and innovative solution approaches.

Prevailing Scenario and Our Strategic Approach

Development of capacities among government workforce is considered as one of the key requirements to enable digitally empowered government. Presently, the training interventions and knowledge disseminate among the government employees is static and predominantly via the conventional approaches and has various bottlenecks in scalability and capturing analytics. The prevailing delivery structure has not evolved for decades and has not adopted the latest tools or effective technology-mediated methods. Moreover, geographical distribution of participants and continuous content updation and aligning with competency-driven approach for large scale employees poses greater challenges in capacity building.

Training and Development

Capacity building - Training and Development

Human resource development and workforce empowerment is the main factors that contributes for successful transformation of eGovernment. For the transformation expected in the lines of Digital India initiatives there is a significant need for skilling government officials on relevant competencies at a rapid phase on a large scale. To match with Governments primary agenda to deliver more sophisticated digital services to its citizens, its highly essential to support different allied Government departments with the required consulting services, tools and technologies, suitable platform to accomplish their capacity building goals. We provide our services to contribute in these three major focus areas for capacity building.