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Addressing Specific Needs of New Age BFSI Workforce

Banking customers are handling paperless financial transactions without any hassle. Also, with the advent of information and communication technology, customers are provided with far greater services than ever before. The new age consumer base is technology savvy, always connected and looking for a personalized, contextual experience with real-time online information. To serve the current generation of bankers, it’s imperative that the bank employees have to be empowered to provide exceptional customer services. To comply with the regulatory requirements and to manage the day to day operations efficiently, the employees have to be equipped at various levels in areas like computer literacy, information security, financial reporting standards, banking process, financial concepts, soft skills and behavioural skills etc. Training and development is the only way for them to acquire necessary skills to move up in their career ladder.

L&D Approaches in BFSI Sector

BFSI segment has significantly increased their focus and investment in Learning and Development. This increase in investment on training and development by banks in India is caused by a variety of motives, which include — new technology adoption, productivity, addressing skills deficiencies, new hire orientation, and staff performance management. Technology mediated learning is help the banks in a greater way as it reduces the logistics cost and ensures a unified content and training delivery. Apart from the conventional mode of classroom training, predominant Public Sector banks and Private banks have now set up their own Learning Management System and adopted self-paced interactive elearning practice.

GA Software with its extensive domain expertise in BFSI sector and strengths in custom content development and LMS implementation provides a unique value proposing to the BFSI customers to enhance productivity, technology adoption, transitioning and channelizing knowledge management solutions.

Our Expertise in BFSI Training and Development

  • Induction and New Hire Orientation
  • Process Training
  • Application Training (Screen-based)
  • Product Training
  • Soft Skills and Behavioral Training
  • Sales Enablement Training
  • Banking and Financial Concepts

Our Core Competencies in BFSI for Customer Delights

  • Dedicated in-house team for BFSI Vertical
  • Custom solution for various category of training/content
  • Matured SME Engagement Model
  • Solutioning expertise for Content & Learning Platforms
  • Solutioning expertise for Web & Mobile Applications
  • Flexible deployment model

BFSI Case Studies

HR Assessment Solution for Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)

HR Assessment Solution Screenshots

Stage 1 : QIB HR ASSESSMENT Application is a mobile application developed for a leading bank in Qatar to evaluate their fresh recruits on various traits such as


The results captured enables the HR and Recruitment team to designate the fresh recruits to various departments of banks (Sales, Operation, IT, Retail, Commercial) based on their personality types and proficiency levels in different traits

Stage 2: The candidates once allocated to a particular department will undergo rigorous training on functionalities of that department. Stage 2 application will host the training content and training highlights pushed by mentors. Stage 2 application will also contain the assessments to evaluate the candidate on training content. Game-based assessments are designed and developed for Stage 2 application to make learners feel immersive, motivating and challenging. Game based assessments will elevate the level of learner engagements and learning retention. Stage 2 application will also contain surveys to collect the learners’ feedback on training content and mentor.