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AAA Authentication

Providing anywhere, anytime access to the network for employees in a corporate and all stakeholders in campus is the trend, but it comes with a new generation of security threats. Laptops, tablets and internet connected devices are increasingly the first-choice devices for employees in enterprises and students and staff across schools and universities. The advance in use of user powered digital technologies poses significant challenges for institutions in protecting its network against infiltration, compromise or attack.

To combat these potential security threats, GA Softtech provides a multi-factor authentication built on sound security practice leveraging our expertise in security services and strong encryption methodologies for authentication algorithms. Our proprietary 3 FACTOR authentications will provide enterprises and educational institutions with the option to completely control and monitor its network and eliminates the security threat to a greater extent.

GA’s proprietary 3 FACTOR Authentication maps the physical identity of the user to the server and increases the security of financial and other critical systems. Integrating Stronger User Authentication system not only helps prevent Online fraud, Card Cloning, Identity theft but also helps in the capture of habitual cyber criminals.

Our 3 FACTOR Authentication verifies the user based on –

3 FACTOR Authentication

GA’s 3 FACTOR technology uses a triple mode of identification where along with the user id and password at active directory level, verification is done through a secure randomly generated through One- time password (OTP) along with our 3 FACTOR proprietary authentication. This is provided to the user through below indicated 3 levels of authentication:

GA’s Secured 3 FACTOR Authentication System

GA’s Secured 3 FACTOR Authentication System

We customize the authentication protocols based on the security expectations of the organization.